Gifts for Busy Moms

21 Gifts for Busy Moms (Who Tell You They Don’t Want Anything!)

Busy moms are hard to shop for, mostly because they tell you they don’t want anything.  

But gifts that make her life easier at home, more efficient at work, or take a break for a second are all things she really does need.  

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If you have a working mom, stay at home mom or just all around busy mom in your life, this list of Gifts for Busy Moms has you covered.

These gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays or just because (the best gifts really).

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This post may contain affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy can be found here.

Best Gifts For Busy Moms

Weighted Blanket

Busy moms needs a lot of rest and weighted blankets are proven to help you sleep better. They give you the feeling of being hugged which helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. They can also help reduce anxiety.


Proceed with caution! If this is for your mom yes a Roomba is a GREAT gift. If this is for your partner, ask first. I asked my husband for a Roomba for Christmas so we could just set it and forget it while we were at work – it was more of a house present. But not every woman is going to appreciate a vacuum for a gift.

Instant Pot with Air Fryer

The hottest new kitchen appliance, this pressure cooker shortens cook time and the air fryer is a healthier alternative.

Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Massage

Moms have lots of aches and pains from years of picking up little ones. But busy moms don’t have time to get massages every week. That’s where this massage gun comes in handy.

Everyone from professional athletes to recreational gym-goers to those with chronic pain love this powerful massager for many reasons: Percussive therapy can help muscles recover faster, reduce muscle pain and lactic acid build-up, improve range of motion and flexibility, encourage blood flow and more.

Bath Bombs

If the busy mom in your life can’t make it out to the spa, bring the spa to her. These balls transform your bath into moisturizing and relaxing oasis.

Each bath bomb is handmade and uniquely scented.

Foot Peel Mask

Foot peels are all the rage these days, they exfoliate your feet to reveal super smooth tootsies. Great for the busy mom, all she has to do it put on the peel, special socks and then she can walk around like normal.

Add these with some bath bombs above and you have a really nice self care gift.

Portable Blender for Shakes & Smoothies

Moms on the go eat on the go! This portable blender is perfect for breakfasts or snacks. She can make them once she gets to the office, before she picks up the kids or after her workout.

The smoothie ingredients can be put together the night before for meal planning ease.

Happy Light

This little light is a mood booster. Busy moms working long hours may need a little boost every once in awhile. The light therapy boosts your mood and gives you energy.

YETI Rambler 10 oz Stackable Mug

Cold coffee is often a symptom of being busy. Keep mom’s coffee warm for hours with a Yeti coffee mug. They come in tons of colors, so pick her favorite. Stick a starbucks gift card in there too.

Anti-Anxiety Spray Calming Mist

Get Thru This calming spray was created to help during those moments in life when you need a little peace and a little calm to help to get through stressful times. This misting spray is wonderful to spritz when you want some peace and tranquility.

Anxiety Bracelet Stress Relief Gift for Her

This set makes the perfect self-care gift idea!

The set comes with a gemstone bracelet made with a combination of stones that will help clear away stress and leave her with a sense of calm.

Also included is a 2 ml sample of essential oils that provide calm and confidence on the most overwhelming days.

Large Purse

Us busy moms carry a lot of STUFF! A great gift for a mom with a lot going on is a big purse so she can stay organized.

MAMA Sweatshirt

Busy moms don’t have tons of time to shop for themselves. Grab this cozy sweatshirt for the mama in your life.

Fitbit Versa 3

Moms sometimes need some motivation to take care of themselves.

This smart watch tracks steps, receives texts, connects with Google and Alexa assistants – making life a little easier to take care of her health while being connected to work and family.

Gold Letter Necklace Sideways Initials Necklace Custom

This custom necklace can be designed with her children’s initials. A beautiful reminder of her kids while she is at work.

Cactus Desktop Humidifier

How cute is this diffuser!? Perfect for her desk, this mini diffuser improves indoor air condition. Increases humidity and also help prevent dry and chapped skin in dry seasons with no noise,

A great way to lift her spirits and relieve stress.

Desk Organizer

Pair this with the humidifier above and you have a nice office improvement gift! A nice organized office can help relieve stress and make her more efficient.

Rustic Bathtub Caddy Rustic Tablet Tray Custom

Lovely rustic bath caddy for the tub with tealight holders, wine glass holder, and cell phone or tablet stand.

Each piece of wood is handpicked for imperfections that lend to its rustic appeal. This also makes the perfect gift for that special mom who really needs time to chill in a bubble bath (with some bubbly!). See it on Etsy

Gift Certificates/Cards

Moms with limited time sometimes need a push to delegate. Consider a gift card for a service that can help her get some time back.

19. Car Detailing – speaking from personal experience, my kids destroy my car with their toys, clothes and snacks. Having someone come to my house to clean my car would be a dream.

20. House Cleaning Service – like the above, children are so messy! After a long day at work dusting is the last thing I want to do. Consider a gift card from a cleaning service.

21. Food Delivery Kits – When I am sick of meal planning or just don’t have time too I order a Meal Kit service for a few weeks. HelloFresh has been my go to, but I’ve also used Chef’s Plate. These services do the shopping for you and provide a simple to follow recipe. Most offer gift cards.

Conclusion – The Perfect Gifts For Busy Moms

Overworked and overtired, busy moms deserve some special and thoughtful.  Ensure you pair your gifts with a handwritten note telling them how much you appreciate all they do!

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