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7 Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy According To Science [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are the best sex positions during pregnancy that won’t make you or your baby uncomfortable? Find out here!

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  1. Pregnancy, Sex Drive, and Intercourse
  2. Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy
  3. First Trimester Positions
  4. Second Trimester Positions
  5. Third Trimester Positions

What Sex Positions During Pregnancy Work Best?

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Pregnancy, Sex Drive, and Intercourse

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, although with the growing baby comes a variety of issues and concerns. During pregnancy, your hormones will spike. This can increase your pregnancy side effects but will also increase your sex drive and make sex more enjoyable.

Pregnancy hormones result in increased blood flow, meaning more sensitive breasts and increased vaginal lubrication. You can thank the increase in both estrogen and progesterone for these beneficial side effects of pregnancy.

What is estrogen? These are hormones responsible for the development and maintenance of the body characteristics of a woman.

What is progesterone? The corpus luteum releases progesterone to prepare the uterus for pregnancy.


Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Romantic moments for pregnant couple | Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy According To Science

Some expectant mothers may have reservations about having sex while pregnant. This can be the result of fear of harming the baby or a decrease in confidence about your body, especially when trying to navigate around a baby bump.

The truth is, having sex can provide benefits for both pregnant women and their unborn child. Sexual activity promotes the release of happy hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones provide stress relief, as well as an increase in your sense of well-being.

Unlike what many people may still think, sexual intercourse will not harm or traumatize your baby. The key to enjoying sex while you are pregnant is choosing the right sexual positions each trimester. This can make the act more enjoyable and avoid any potential discomfort or problems.

Sex will not be harmful to your unborn baby. Check out these sex positions during pregnancy and feel less guilty when making love with your husband.


First Trimester Positions

The first trimester is often marked by sensitive breasts, frequent urination, and nausea. You will have fewer problems with your growing stomach, but you will need to find positions that don’t trigger some of the common problems of early pregnancy.


This position is a popular choice because it allows both parties to engage less strenuously. The position provides for more shallow penetration, providing for more gentle lovemaking. This can allow you to enjoy sex without putting pressure on your bladder, which may be more sensitive at this stage of your pregnancy.

To enjoy the scissor position, you will need to position your legs facing each other. You will put his right leg over your left and your right leg over his left and come together into the position.

Your partner can then lean back, prop himself up on his arms behind his back, and move into you. This can be an enjoyable position early on but can become difficult as your stomach grows bigger.

Edge-of-Couch Missionary Position

If you are a fan of the missionary position but have concerns or are a little uncomfortable with pressure on top of your stomach, the edge-of-couch missionary position can make it much more comfortable.

You can use this position from the beginning of your pregnancy up until your 20th week. This position can also be a good one if you suffer from fatigue in early pregnancy and prefer a position where your partner can do all the work.

To perform this style, lie down at the edge of a chair, couch, or your bed. Your feet should be able to rest on the floor.

Your partner can either stand or go down on his knees. He can steady himself by grabbing onto your thighs and then pull himself into you.

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Second Trimester Positions

Loving pregnant couple | Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy According To Science

During the second trimester, most of the discomfort of the first trimester has subsided, and you are likely to feel better than you have in months.

This is also the stage in your pregnancy when your sex drive may be at its peak. The primary thing you will need to contend with when having sex during the second trimester is your growing stomach.

Doggy Style

If you are looking for a more exciting position for sexual intercourse, without the bending and acrobatics that come with other positions, you can try the doggy style.

This position allows you to keep your stomach away from any pressure. It is a steady enough position if your balance has been a little affected during this trimester.

In this position, your partner may also have better access to your erogenous zones. If you enjoyed doggy style before, then this might be one of your best sex positions during pregnancy.

To perform this position, you will need to get on your hands and knees and have your partner enter from behind. This can be a great position if you enjoy additional stimulation from your partner stroking you.

If your back aches when performing this position, you can reduce this pressure by propping up your chest on some pillows. Make sure to start off slow when using this position so you can ensure the penetration level is not painful.

Erogenous Zone Definition: This is the area of the body where there is heightened sensitivity. When the erogenous zone is stimulated, this can result in sexual arousal and/or orgasm.

Leap Frog

This position is a more relaxing way to enjoy rear entry. The angle of your pelvis can allow for a different angle of penetration increasing enjoyment for both parties.

This can be easier early in the second trimester and may require some modification for comfort as your stomach gets larger.

To enjoy this position, you will need to lie face down on the bed. Next, bend your knees up, raising your hips. You then need to lean forward and prop your body up with your arms.

If you are feeling too much strain on your arms, you can prop yourself up with a pillow. Have your partner on his knees and enter you from behind.


If your belly is larger and sticks out more during the second trimester, or you have pressure on your back or other joints, the cowgirl position can allow you to have control and minimize discomforts.

This position provides you with the opportunity to set the pace, control penetration, and create the motion that feels best.

Your partner will enjoy the position as they will be able to lie back and relax while having open access to your breasts and other parts of your body to caress.

To perform this position, have your partner lie on his back with their legs outstretched. Start by kneeling next to him and then straddle him facing forward.

Start on your knees and lower yourself into position. Then move up and down at the pace that feels best.


Third Trimester Positions

The third trimester is the time in your pregnancy when you not only have to become a little creative but also have to make sure the sexual position will not harm you.

For example, the missionary position is not advised at this stage for many reasons. It can often be uncomfortable due to your increasing belly size. It can also reduce blood flow both to your lower body and heart, which can become dangerous.


Spooning is a perfect position late in pregnancy. It can help you connect with your partner through the closeness of the position.

It removes the pressure you will feel on both your back and uterus throughout your pregnancy. The position provides for shallower penetration and more gentle lovemaking in general. Because of this, it can be one of the safe sex positions during pregnancy you can try.

Spooning also allows your partner to gently stroke the front of your body and provide manual stimulation of your clitoris. It’s also one of the best position for cuddling afterward.

For performing this position, you will both need to lay on your side with your partner behind you. You will need to bend and pull your knees up slightly, tilting your butt toward him.

Then, you can work together to adjust the angle of your bodies to provide for easier rocking and thrusting positions.

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl position can provide you with the ultimate control over your sexual experience while also reducing the pressure on both your back and your uterus.

The position allows for better stimulation of the clitoris and allows you to adjust the angle and depth of penetration easily by how far you lean forward and backward.

To perform the reverse cowgirl for pregnant sex, you will need to have your partner lie on his back with his legs stretched out. Start by kneeling next to him and then get into position by straddling his pelvic area.

Once in the desired position, lower yourself with your knees so he can enter you and move until you find the right spot that works for you.

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Who says you can’t make love when you’re pregnant? Check out this video to know about the best sex positions during pregnancy!


Sexual intercourse during pregnancy can be a great way to share intimacy and bond before your attention and time are diverted to newborn care. Not only can sex help you emotionally throughout your pregnancy, but it can also help to release tension for both you and your partner.

Try these sex positions during pregnancy to assuage your fears of pregnant sex and remember that being a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy mom will help the health of your growing baby.

What trimester are you in and which sex positions during pregnancy are doable for you? Don’t be scared to share your worries about lovemaking while still pregnant in the comments section below!

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