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9 Relaxation Tips For New Moms

Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 10:27 pm

Tired, overwhelmed and in dire need of some relaxation tips? Parenthood comes with loads of responsibilities which can be a shock to first-time parents. Don’t stress out any more than you already are–try these easy relaxation techniques to help make the load a little easier to bear.

Relaxation Tips for the Tired But Happy New Mom

1. Get Some Sleep

Get Some Sleep | Relaxation Tips For New Moms | easy relaxation techniques

A usual problem for new moms is lack of sleep. The baby, after all, hasn’t yet established a proper sleeping pattern and is bound to wake up in the wee hours. Your little one will also inevitably wake for feeding and diaper changes in the middle of the night.

You may be a super mom, but you definitely need your sleep! Take a nap whenever your baby is asleep. Don’t mind the dishes lying on the sink or the dirty clothes in the hamper when your body is begging you for a little lie-down.

2. Listen to Relaxing Music

A baby’s first cry after birth is music to a mom’s ears. The constant crying in the weeks that follow, however, can cause stress and fatigue. If you listened to classical music while you were pregnant, don’t stop now that you’ve given birth!

Studies show that music is beneficial to your precious one, not only while in the womb, but even after he comes out. Classical or relaxing music can also help you relax and calm your mind. You can easily find free relaxation music on YouTube or other music streaming websites. So play them in the background while you do other tasks. It’s going to be good for both you and your little one.

3. Meditate

Meditate | Relaxation Tips For New Moms | free relaxation music

There are bound to be a lot of things in your mind when you become a mom. There’s a list of chores to do, baby needs, tending to your husband,  worrying about the future, and so many other thoughts and emotions that are part and parcel of motherhood! When you feel overwhelmed, it’s best to take a deep breath and take a step back.

Meditation is the best way to do this. This easy relaxation exercise allows you to let go of anxieties and just be in the moment. Frequent meditation also helps you be more focused. You can get started by using apps such as Headspace or the Calm app.

4. Ask for Help

It’s an overwhelming task to be left alone with your child for the whole day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help just so you can have some time for yourself.  If your husband is at work the whole day, ask a relative or any friend you trust to come over to help you look after your baby.

When your husband gets home, don’t hesitate to ask for his help as well. He may be tired from work but your baby is both your responsibility. Trying to get at least a half hour for yourself isn’t selfish. We all need a break, after all.

5. Call Someone

Call Someone | Relaxation Tips For New Moms | easy relaxation exercise

If you’re by yourself all day in the house with your baby, it can get pretty lonesome. You can get overwhelmed by your new role as a mother and have lots of things run in your mind without having anyone to talk to. You don’t have to feel lonely just because you’re alone at home.

Call a trusted friend and talk to him or her about your feelings. Call your parents, too. They can reassure you that everything will be all right even if you feel concerned about a lot of things right now.

6. Be Intimate with Your Husband

It’s normal to not be in the mood for intimacy in the first few weeks after giving birth. You’re both overwhelmed and tired from taking care of the baby, and you don’t think much about having time for just the two of you. Still, you have to put in time and effort in bringing back the spark.

Intimacy and making love with your partner is a great way to relieve stress. You may be playing the role of parents now, but you both still need to play the role of spouse. Try to also set aside a regular date night for just the two of you to keep your relationship strong.

7. Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffuse Essential Oils | Relaxation Tips For New Moms

Aromatherapy is another simple way to relax and calm yourself. There are several essential oils that aid in stress relief and promote relaxation. Some oils even help you get better when you’re sick, or promote better quality of sleep when it feels like you can’t get any.

8. Take a Nice Bath

The first few weeks of motherhood can keep you from going out of the house for more than just a couple of hours. As much as you want to pamper yourself, you may not be able to go to that spa treatment just yet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give yourself a treat! Draw yourself up a nice hot bath with bubbles and scented candles.

9. Try a Hobby

Try a Hobby | Relaxation Tips For New Moms

Doing something that interests you is part of self-care. Do something you like once in a while, so you don’t feel burned out from all the obligations of being a mom. It can be something as simple as writing to express your emotions or reading a good book.

For more relaxation tips for moms, check out this video from WatchMyGuide:

YouTube video

Parenthood changes you in many ways. Your priorities change, which also means your old routine won’t be the same. It’s normal to put your little one first, but it doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Practice self-care and self-love, and you’ll have more love to give to your precious baby!

How do you relax while taking care of your baby? Let us know in the comments section!

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