How to save your relationship from a breakup

How to save your relationship from a breakup

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How to save your relationship from a breakup

Being in a relationship is like travelling on a cruise ship; the journey may be as blissful as paradise when the ship sails smoothly. Adequate information is needed on How to save your relationship from a breakup. In the same vein, it could be as dangerous and draining as hell when it is hit by a storm of difficult circumstances.

At times, you become hit so hard by the sad realities of marriage that you begin to find the light at the end of a mental tunnel.  Sometimes, you become caught up in serious moral dilemmas and difficult situations and there would appear to be no way out.

In many of those difficult instances, a breakup would be the only practical option that logic allows. Many people are often deceived into believing that they would find true happiness by escaping. Sometimes, they even fall into the ditch of attempting to find happiness in other relationships. Most people don’t remember that all relationships – at one point or the other – pass through these stages. They also seem to forget that breakup causes pain and a lasting feeling of emptiness.

However, only those that are equipped on how to sail these storms would last without breaking their ride.  If you do not want your relationship to end up as a victim of this turbulence – broken, here are some tips that you could use;

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How to navigate through relationship crisis without breakup

1.  Opening up and communication

The easiest way of saving your relationship from a breakup is to open up and communicate with your partner. Mind you, it is not as easy as it sounds. Some individuals tend to think that opening up may rock the sail of their relationships. But think about it, what is a sail without one or two glitches? Would it be worth sacrificing your long-term happiness for temporary order? No! Definitely not, it is important that you can express your grievances, your pain, your happiness, and joy, to your partner

There are, however, some things you should look out for; your manner of approach, the tone of your words, your choice of language, and the situation on the ground.

For instance, the best time to tell your wife about a flaw in her hygiene is definitely not when she is pregnant. On top of that, it is mostly advisable that you don’t approach her accusingly when you tell her this.

In continuation, it really would do no good to accuse your husband of irresponsibility after he loses a contract. Humans have very fragile egos; we all do, and it would save you a lot if you put things into perspective when trying to communicate.

2. Transparency

The quality of transparency is a catalyst for a healthy relationship. And as they say, the best way to lead someone to do something is by practicing it yourself. One of the most difficult things to forgive in a relationship is a betrayal of trust and dishonesty. Own up to your mistakes, covering them up would only worsen the situation. Come clean to your partner about things that bother you, about the mistake you made at work, about the amount you mismanaged. This would save serve as the bedrock for trust and a mutual sense of solidarity in situations of skepticism.

In the same vein, you should demand accountability in your relationship. When you are bothered, do not hesitate to inform your partner and ask for explanations.

Most times, when emotions are bottled up, they become the basis for anger and bitterness at the show of a slight misunderstanding. This, dear friend, is like adding more fuel to the flame of a brewing breakup. You don’t want to do that.

3. Sometimes, freedom is all that counts 

Yes, that’s true; sometimes what you need to do is to give your partner space. When the familiarity between you seems to breed contempt instead of trust, it is important that you take some time off and allow yourselves to think things through.

This works a lot of magic in relationships; it allows each of you to gather your thoughts, properly analyze situations and make the best judgment. After all, as they say, distance makes the heart fond.

4. At times self-examine

When you seem to find faults in all situations and your partner seems to be increasingly annoying by the day, Pause! This time, ask yourself, am I just selfish? Have I considered the position he/she is in? What do I stand to gain from having my way? These questions of self-evaluation help you to put a lot into perspective and it allows you to make objective decisions with the information you have

5. Try another option, find solutions

If you are out there looking for perfection, you are sure not to get that in any relationship. Every human is a representation of some kind of flaw or the other. We all make mistakes and that is the very essence of our humanity – our imperfection. So instead of dwelling too much on the flaws, your partner has, why not try another method? Definitely, there are some qualities to his personality. Those qualities must be the exam same reason you were attracted in the first place. Look for more of these and let them be your motivation to keep going

6. Be humble and admit your mistakes

Humans are naturally egoistic beings. No one wants to be in the wrong. Naturally, we have the tendency of absolving ourselves of responsibility and shifting the blame to other people. To make your relationship work, you have to be able to realize, admit and apologize when you are in the wrong. Emotional immaturity is when – despite being obviously in the wrong – you don’t apologize but throw tantrums instead. Don’t just laugh off your errors, own up to them and apologize sincerely.

7. Have the authority to seek help from

What if all the above do not work, what if you have tried all you could but your partner seem bent on leaving? In this situation, you have to bring the case to an authority. An authority in this figure would be someone you both respect; someone that has the wisdom and objectivity to resolve such issues. Mind you, it is important that you are careful of who to inform about the inconsistencies in your relationship. You need to be able to discern who to trust, who to run to, and who can make the best judgment.

At the end of it all

Breaking up sometimes would seem to be the ticket to happiness and peace of mind. Sure, it is the easy part. However, most of the time, people are not ready for the emptiness that haunts their souls right after. At the end of it all, think of the things that you could experience if you make things right, think of how your life was once bliss with the same person you are about to leave. If you can make your relationship work again, why not try to do it? If all it takes is some proactivity, then what could possibly go wrong?


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