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The Right Way To Feed Your Baby In A High Chair

Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 10:30 pm

The idea of training a child to eat seems pretty simple until you have a screaming baby in a high chair throwing food around. There are a few things to consider when feeding babies in high chairs: preparation, food, and safety. There are a lot of ways to feed your baby, but here are helpful tips to make it a more enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

High Chair Baby Feeding Guide | Factors to Consider

Choosing The Right High Chair


First, make sure to buy a high chair baby seat that is both functional and comfortable. There are many different kinds on the market but do not get easily swayed by a chair just because it looks cute or is on sale.

Check for adjustable heights, seatbelts or harnesses, a wide table or tray, and a comfortable chair. If you travel a lot but would like to train your child to eat in a high chair, use a portable travel high chair designed for babies and toddlers.

With all the high chair styles and brands available today, some moms opt for stylish designs while others choose the one that seems easiest to clean. While these are all good to have in a high chair, it’s important to consider its safety features above all.



Prepare the food beforehand. Don’t put the baby in the high chair first, then move around the kitchen. Having the food ready helps the baby understand that once he or she is seated, it is time to eat.

Cut food into small, easy-to-grip pieces. If your baby is capable of holding his food and bringing it to his or her mouth, make sure to cut up food in pieces he can easily hold, bite, and chew. Allowing the baby to eat on his or her own helps develop their motor skills and eye-hand coordination.



Have the baby’s drink, wipes, and extra baby utensils within your reach. It is never wise to leave a baby in a high chair, no matter how quick you think it is. Let the baby hold a rubber or silicone baby spoon and fork so he won’t insist on getting the one you are feeding him with. This lessens eating time and conflicts.

Make sure that your baby is strapped in snugly. If the baby has room to move around within the seat belts, he will be able to slip out of it easily which can be dangerous.

If you have a used high chair from friends or relative, make sure to check all the parts to see if everything is still working properly. If you are planning to purchase a new one, choose only the best high chairs for babies and toddlers. Always remember that the safety of your child depends on the quality of the high chair along with proper guidance.

Tips for Feeding a Baby in a High Chair

  • When training a baby to eat in his high chair, include him in regular mealtime with the family. This will not only encourage him to eat, knowing that everyone around him is doing the same thing, but it also strengthens the bond of the family.
  • Make it a rule that he only gets down from his chair if he is already done eating. If he insists on getting down from the chair, put his food away and tell him mealtime is over. This is to establish a rule that he has to be seated and secured during meals.

Not sure what food you should give your baby and when to give it? Here is a guide from Gerber on how and when to introduce solid foods to your baby:


There is no right way to feed a baby. All these are tips and guides to help you and your child get started. What works for one baby may not be the right method for another. The important thing is that you don’t force your baby to eat just because the baby book says he is supposed to at his age. Check to see if he is ready. Introduce the high chair subtly until he feels comfortable seating and eating in it.

Do you have fun or memorable stories about feeding your baby in a high chair ? We’d love to hear them! Post your questions, stories, and helpful tips in the comments section below.

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