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7 Baby Room Ideas For Your Little One’s Space

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 11:49 pm

Pulling together the best baby room ideas is part of every mom’s to-do list. While most women prepare by splurging on the luxury baby items, it is wise to start with the themes before you get your baby cribs and wall decals. Read on for the ultimate baby room ideas featuring neutral nurseries.

Baby Room Ideas: Fancy Themes Perfect for Boys and Girls

1. The Royal Nursery


First on our list of baby room ideas is filling the room with royal-themed items. You can throw in glittery decors and royal prince/princesses’ crown arts. A touch of gold colors can be present in the room to make it more special. After all, this nursery is for your baby prince or princess so might as well let it be grand.

Tip: You can get tiny tiaras and create a DIY curtain out of these. Also, if you’re planning to give your baby a photoshoot, then prepare a toy crown that will fit your baby’s head as he/she strikes cute poses around the royal nursery.

2. Nautical Room

Nautical Room | Baby Room Ideas For Your Little One's Space | baby room ideas boy

When pulling off a nautical nursery, what you’ll need are fancy photos of sea creatures, ships, anchors, and captain’s uniforms. You can start by having some cute whale artwork then add wave decals. You can also get a blue crib and fill it with red- and blue-striped pillows.

3. Tropical Island


Pineapples, flamingoes, and palm trees– these will be the main attractions in your tropical-themed nursery. This is one of the baby room ideas that is far from the overrated picks. Also, working on this type of room will give a fresh and cool space for your baby.

4. Safari Land


If you want your baby to grow up knowing the different types of animals, then pick a safari-themed room. Your baby will totally enjoy this setup because of the variety of stuffed animals that’ll surround him/her. Unlike the usual baby room ideas you see in magazines, you can actually try to personalize this one by adding labels to the pillows featuring the animals and arranging it alphabetically.

5. Mini Disneyland


If you’re a Millennial mom who grew up with the Disney characters, then you’d probably like to introduce them to your baby. The Disney collections you have can be of use and just paint the walls thematically based on your selected Disney movies. And while playing with your little one, you can also listen to the Disney songs and sing them to your baby.

6. Being with Nature


Your love of nature can also be one of the picks for your baby room ideas. The dominant color of the nursery can be green and you can fill it with photos and decals of different kinds of trees with fruits. Flowers can also be present if your bundle of joy is a girl. Peace and serenity will put your baby to sleep with this theme.

7. Rainbow Room


Aside from having rainbow wallpaper in your baby’s nursery, you can also play with the colors of the pillows. Part of this rainbow nursery is also a unicorn. You can grab a few stuffed unicorns and add these to your baby’s crib. Other colorful artwork made for babies can also be part of the room.


To give you more fancy baby room ideas for your little one’s space, below’s a YouTube video from RunmanReCords Design channel. Press the play button to watch!
Decorating your nursery with the above-mentioned baby room ideas is fun if you’ll be the one to work on it. Remember, your dedication and effort in creating a wonderful space for your little one is the best gift you can give to your baby as a mom.

Do you have other baby room ideas you’d like to share? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below!

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