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Games Babies Love | 7 Games For Babies To Keep Them Giggling

Keep the games for babies coming and see your little one enjoy herself and your company. All moms love to hear their baby’s adorable giggles; it’s really a stress-buster and can uplift the mood anytime. Usually, there are toys to help moms entertain their babies, but trying out some interactive games for infants also makes for a delightful playtime. Here’s a list of fun games for boys and girls you can try to keep your baby giggling through the day.

7 Must-Try Games for Babies to Keep the Fun Going

1. Peek-a-Boo

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One of the classic games babies love is peek-a-boo. What you, moms, need to do is simply hide your face by covering it with your hands and surprise your baby by showing your face and saying “Peek-a-boo!” Once you show your face to your baby, they’ll be giggling in no time.

2. Horse Riding

Now, if the peek-a-boo doesn’t work because your baby is just not in the mood, you can always proceed to the next level of games for babies. Try a game involving some actions by trying out horse riding. For some, they call this one the “Superman” game. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie down on your back and extend your legs up so your baby can sit on them.
  • Place the body of your baby on your feet either in a sitting position or in a Superman flying (two hands extended) position.
  • Be sure to hold the body or the hands of your baby for support.
  • Move your legs up and down and make a sound of either a horse galloping or a superhero flying.

3. Sing, Rhyme, and Clap

Mother holding baby on lap and clapping hands to make her happy | Games Babies Love | Games For Babies To Keep Them Giggling

When your baby starts crying loudly, you must try and upstage them by playing interesting music. Just play a nursery rhyme and start singing to your baby. While singing and listening to rhyming lyrics, you can clap your hands so your baby will calm down and laugh with you instead. This is also a great way to introduce music and rhymes to your little one. So the next time they hear a specific set of songs, they’ll know it’s playtime with mommy!

4. I See, I Do

To develop your baby’s conversation skills, you can play this “I See, I Do” game with them. Not only is this a learning game, but it also helps to keep your babies laughing. How to do it? Simple. You just have to imitate whatever your baby is trying to do or say. If you see your baby showing his or her tongue out, do the same. If they smile, smile bigger. Doing this will make your baby laugh and will strengthen the bond between parent and baby.

5. Show and Hide the Baby Rattle

Baby rattles are popular with babies, so you can always try to use these toys to keep your child happy. One way to make use of this for fun is the “Show and Hide the Baby Rattle” game. Just show your baby the rattle and start playing with it, then hide it behind your back or somewhere close by after. Your baby will start wondering where the rattle has gone, then he/she will laugh after seeing the rattle again.

6. Blocks

Baby building blocks is a game your baby will appreciate more once he/she develops a firmer grip with his/her fingers. There are huge blocks perfect for babies, so they can stack blocks on top of each other with ease. Go for blocks with bright colors, this will make your baby more excited to play. Of course, you must play together with your baby, as well. Be exaggerated with your expressions when your baby has built something and when you both have fun breaking it down.

7. Blowing Raspberries

Mother and baby girl on a white bed |  Games Babies Love | Games For Babies To Keep Them Giggling

Blowing raspberries is another must-try activity that belongs to the classic baby games for kids. All you have to do is gently blow the stomach, feet, or other ticklish parts of your baby. This will make him/her giggle continuously, especially if you make some funny noises and funny faces while playing this game with them. It’s one of the well-loved baby games for boys and girls.

Want to see an actual baby giggling because of blowing raspberries and funny voices? Watch this video from BabiezTV:

YouTube video

Aside from the list of games for babies above, you need to have patience if you want them to be happy all the time, or at least, for the most part of the day. Offer your love, time, and understanding as you play games with your baby and enjoy every laugh and giggle he/she makes. Babies are indeed adorable, aren’t they?

Do you have anything else to add to our list of games for babies to keep them giggling? Tell us in the comments section below!