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7 Best Baby Apps To Keep Them Occupied | Games For Babies App

Download these games for babies apps to keep your toddlers entertained and encouraged to learn while playing.

Games for Babies App: Top iPhone and Android Apps for Babies


1. Duckie Deck Collection

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The Duckie Deck Collection includes six baby learning games for kids aged 2 to 5 years old. All games teach kids good practices such as eating fruits and vegetables, taking care of pets, and keeping a tidy home.

Best Features: This app features vibrant graphics, adorable characters, and an entertaining soundtrack, with no hidden or additional costs.

App Store: iTunes

Price: $2.99

Rating: 3 Stars

2. Busy Shapes


Busy Shapes is inspired by the works of Swiss scientist Jean Piaget. The app helps children handle simple objects through various fun and entertaining puzzles.

Best Features: The app has won awards from Common Sense Media Editors, Parent’s Choice, and Children’s Technology Review; it has also been featured in App Store Best and USA Today, as well as recommended by The Good App Guide.

App Store: iTunes

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.1 Stars

3. Quizzing Toddler Preschool

Quizzing Toddler Preschool teaches toddlers to identify colors, shapes, and numbers, among others, through vibrant and high-resolution quizzes and flashcards.

Best Features: The app is very simple to use, and comes in English, Spanish, or French.

App Store: iTunes

Price: $1.99

Rating: 3.5 Stars

4. Tozzle Lite – Toddler’s Favorite Puzzle

Tozzle helps toddlers with their shape recognition and motor skills through different puzzle pictures and sound effects. The full version comes with 40 different puzzles.

Best Features: The app was developed based on feedback from several toddlers, so it’s sure to address their needs and interests.

App Store: iTunes

Price: Lite Version for Free, Full Version at $2.99

Rating: 4 Stars

5. iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

iWriteWords is one of the best baby game apps that teaches children to write through a fun and interactive game. To play, they have to help collect numbered balls and draw letters at the same time. When done properly, a cute drawing appears, and they advance to the next level.

Best Features: The app has won awards from the New York Times and Washington Post.

App Store: iTunes

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5 Stars

6. Goodnight Mo

Goodnight Mo follows the story of a cute little monster getting ready for bed. It teaches toddlers basic bedtime routines like taking a bath and brushing your teeth. It features eight 3D pop-up scenes with either read-to-me or read-it-myself options.

Best Features: This app gives toddlers a full 3D experience as if they were reading a real book. It has also won various awards, including the Kidscreen Award, Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award, and Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, among others.

App Store: iTunes, Google Play

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4.6 Stars

7. Little Fox Music Box

Little Fox Music Box is a songbook app where toddlers can sing along to three popular children’s songs. These are London Bridge, Evening Song, and Old Mac Donald Had a Farm. Plus, there’s a Karaoke mode!

Best Features: The app includes stunning designs by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger.

App Store: iTunes, Google Play

Price: $3.99

Rating: 4.4 Stars


Looking for more baby games to play on your gadgets? Top Best Apps for Kids shares this really cute Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen app:

YouTube video

The digital age has made education become more accessible through apps. These apps for babies let the tots enjoy and learn at the same time. They also provide parents with extra time to fulfill other tasks, while their toddlers are playing. However, always remember to allow toddlers to use safe gadgets only and limit screen time. After all, these apps aren’t babysitters.

Which are your favorite games for babies apps? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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