Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

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Helping your child overcome bedwetting when they have outgrown conventional diapers and potty training exercises. To most parents, it is uncharted territory. First, you need to understand that, irrespective of the child’s age, overcoming bedwetting is a gradual procedure. You can never rush it. However, you cannot also continue to allow an unbridled flow of urine. If that continues, your sofa, bed, and significant parts of your furniture may get damaged.

Looking on the flip side, even adults sometimes suffer from incontinence. Don’t be ashamed if you happen to fall into this category (or you know someone who does). It is not uncommon. Like the kids mentioned above, you also need pull-ups that will save you the stress of constantly washing bedspreads.

Finally, you need something to keep the urine flow in check. How then do you prevent urine flow through the period when your child will overcome this?

That is where pull ups come into play. Over the years, continuous technology has evolved. As a result, it is more inclusive of age. Evidence of this is the making of continence products for the aged. However, the market for incontinence products also faces the same problem as every other solid industry.

There are fakes and clones everywhere. How then do you gauge if a pull-up is the right one for your older child or not? In this revealing piece, you will not only learn about how to spot original incontinence products, but you will also be privy to some of the very best in the market today.

How to select the Best Pull ups for older bedwetters

First things first, there are specific criteria for judging if a pull-up is worth purchasing or not. Pay careful attention to these things so that you can make the right choices.

Choose very Absorbent products

If you are ever going to get any incontinence product (especially pull-ups) for your older kid, you need to prioritize how absorbent it is. Note that the child in question is older.

Therefore, the urine is bound to be more forceful and concentrated. Due to this sole reason, you need to watch the base material from which the pull-up was made. You need to avoid materials that feel like nylon and things that have a similar texture. They cannot hold anything in.

Look out for products that are stain proof

since you are dealing with an older kid, the need may arise for the child to wear the pull up outside. They may need to wear it to school, church, friend’s house, etcetera. Due to this, you must watch out that the incontinence product is reviewed to be stain-proof. Of course, you do not want anything that can embarrass your older kid, do you?

You must choose products that factor size in

Whatever pull-up you want to get for your older bedwetter must consider the child’s size. This is an essential thing everyone should pay attention to.

Choose products that are easy to put on or off

Dear parents, your child’s comfort is essential in whatever you do. Sometimes, the child may be conscious enough to hold urine till they get to the toilet. But, what happens if, when they get there, they experience difficulty in removing their pull-ups? That complicates issues more than you can ever imagine. Therefore, the pull-ups must have an off mechanism that is easy to learn and use.

You must choose products that have no allergens

You must be careful that whatever product you buy is free of the common triggers of allergic reactions in your child. Remember, allergies have no regard to age. So you don’t want an incontinence product that complicates issues by making your older kid sick.

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What are the Best Pull Ups for bedwetters

1. Prevail Incontinence Protective Underwear

Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

This pull-up prides itself on how absorbent it can be. It is designed to look and feel like your everyday underwear. That way, the child doesn’t feel embarrassed because they have to wear an incontinence product.

According to the reviews, it is said to be made of a very absorbent polymer. It is also rated to have a special anti-odor technology that is sustained for close to 12 hours. In addition, it has a breathable area and a silk-like outer cover.


Due to its similitude to everyday underwear, it is very comfortable, and it may replace pants for the time being till your child gets over bedwetting.

  • It is almost leakproof. The silk-like outer and the odor guard technology hides everything going on inside.
  • It has a breathable space for air to come in. This prevents any infection that may arise from prolonged storage of urine.
  • It has a smart fabric design that protects the skin with vitamin E and aloe.
  • It is quite easy to wear and detach, even for little kids.
  • They are easily disposable


  • It is not the best choice when it comes to size considerations.
  • It is not designed to be worn at night.

2. Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Dreamy Night Pants

Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

This product is designed to be eco-friendly and disposable. It is perfect for environmentalists. It has an odor-guard technology, It has a wetness indicator, and it is made for older kids up to 10 years of age.


  • It is designed to absorb the urine for both the daytime and the nighttime. According to popular reviews, it has an absorbance span of close to 14 hours.
  • It has an odor guard technology that prevents urine odor. With this, it makes it perfect for outdoor wearing.
    It is eco-friendly so that it can be easily disposed of.
  • It happens to be very easy to pull on and off. So your kids do not need assistance when they want to wear it.
  • It has a wetness indicator. That way, you know when to change the diaper to a new one.


  • The size indicated may not be accurate. So you may need to purchase a bigger size if you want it to fit your baby.
  • Kids below 5 years old may find it difficult to use, and it may have leaks.
  • It does not have much breathable space.

3. Pampers Ninjamas, Bedwetting Overnight Diapers Disposable Underwear

Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

This incontinence product is designed for both older boys and girls differently. In the design of this nighttime underwear, special consideration was given to the difference in morphology (as a result of gender).

This is for the sake of comfort and leak-proof technology. It is specifically modified for nighttime incontinence, so it is quite strong and absorbent.


  • It is specially designed to hold urine. It is one of the products with the longest absorbance span in the incontinence market. It is said to be 20% more absorbent than an average pull up
  • It has a wetness lock technology. It is therefore leak proof.
  • It has an odor guard technology that prevents the smell of the urine from getting outside.
  • It is easy to remove and wear.
  • It is very comfortable for the wearer.
  • It is quite breathable, so the wearer does not feel sticky underneath from urine.
  • It is quite durable when compared to other pull-ups


It has no wetness indicator. In some cases, you do not know when you are supposed to change.

4. Sleepovers by Cuties, Bedwetting Underwear for Girls and Boys, X-Large

Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

This incontinence product is designed with an absorbent core and a lock-in technology. Aside from that, it is stretchable and very flexible. It prides itself in its pro-skincare design. Essentially, the design is not only comfortable; it does not expose the older kid to rashes from incontinence.


  • It has the feel of actual underwear to save the older kid the embarrassment of wearing a diaper. This also gives it the advantage of comfort
  • It has very strong absorbance.
  • It has breathable space for ventilation of the genitals of the kid. That way, infection is prevented
  • It is lightweight and skin friendly (this is very beneficial to kids with sensitive skin).
  • It is chlorine-free, disposable, and hypoallergenic.


  • It is not very elastic; it may pose an issue to the sizing.
  • The design has a sizing issue. You may not get the size you ordered.

5. Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear

Best Pull ups for Older Bedwetters

This pull-up is explicitly designed for nighttime. It is also designed for older children (especially boys). It is created from easily disposable material. It has an odor guard design and a shape that gives it the feel of conventional undershorts. It is stretchy and easy to manipulate. Finally, this pull-up is adjustable to specific size ranges.


  • It is reputed to hold urine through the night. That is, for a span of close to 16 hours.
  • This pull up has a stretchy design that gives it an anti-leak advantage.
  • Each size is elastic enough to span a specific size range. Therefore, you do not often encounter issues with sizing.
  • It has a discreet design. The 5 layer technology of protection is very efficient in keeping urine secrets.

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Incontinence is not a disease. However, if you or anyone is in that situation, you should take active steps to get to the root of the problem and work towards the solution. In the meantime, protect yourself as much as you can from urine flow and the possible infection (and mental inconveniences) that may arise from it.

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