best baby bath for eczema

Best baby bath for Eczema

Babies are often very fragile; they are always susceptible to effects associated with slight shifts in their body physiology and general homeostasis. Eczema – among all other forms of skin reaction is an example of such effects. Just like any other form of body ailment, dealing with baby eczema could prove to be quite tedious. It is especially difficult if you are not aware of the exact steps to take to help your baby get out of the situation.

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Just to be on the safe side, let’s see what Eczema exactly is;

What is Eczema?

Eczema is often confused with some other types of skin complication. In most instances, the differences between these skin complications are lost in translation. Eczema is not acne; it is way different from rashes too. Eczema is a skin condition that is characterized by red, patched, and scaly skin, usually as a result of one form of irritation or the other.  It takes on different appearances in different babies, depending on their skin color, skin type, and skin thickness.

What are the causes of Eczema in Babies

A lot of times, people hold on to stereotyping certain skin conditions to certain age groups. Some people believe eczema is for adults alone. However, anyone can have Eczema irrespective of their age group. Let’s examine some of the possible causes of Eczema in babies. Don’t worry! It’s nothing supernatural.

NOTE – There has been no medically ascertained cause specific to baby Eczema. However, the things listed below are some of the factors that generally contribute to an Eczema outbreak on the skin of a baby.

  1. Genetics – A baby is highly likely to suffer from Eczema if there is a history of skin condition in the baby’s family. It is true that Eczema is not communicable by contact with a person that has it; however, it can be transmitted through the family genetics
  2. Protective skin barriers – Sometimes in babies, their skins become thickened to protect them from external intrusion. This may not entirely be a good thing. In some cases, due to a dysfunction of the immune system, the skin becomes too thick and traps in dead cells and some other body substances that should be excreted. This results in skin conditions like Eczema.
  3. Allergic reactions – Some babies develop Eczema as an allergic reaction to an environmental stimulus or to a food substance. Eczema caused by these reactions is often short spanned and not difficult to treat.
  4. Aside from causes, some other things trigger Eczema in babies. In essence, these things do not necessarily cause a baby to have Eczema; they rather make it worse for someone that already has it. Some of these things include clothing, environment, and diet, irritants in the environment, infections, soaps, cosmetics, and so on.

Symptoms of Eczema in Babies

When a baby suffers from Eczema, the symptoms may range from small, mild to extreme depending on the cause, the baby, and the response. Let’s see some symptoms that may manifest in such babies;

  • They develop red rashes on their skin. These rashes may itch them and bleed depending on the severity of the Eczema
  • The skin of the affected baby looks scaly at the latter stages of the Eczema
  • The skin rash may later develop small bumps that regularly ooze out fluid
  • The affected babies may have a thickened skin
  • The skin around their eyelids, ears may become darkened. These parts may change color permanently if the Eczema is too prolonged.
  • In extreme cases, the baby may develop a fever. He or she would cry at the slightest touch.

Best baby bath for Eczema

There are quite a number of steps to take to control the flare of Eczema on a baby’s skin. Out of all these measures, baby baths are one of the most effective. However, there are many types of baby baths available today. Let’s examine the best types of baby baths you can use for your baby’s skin to be perfect.

Keep in mind that these baby baths are defined by what they are made of.

1.  Cetaphil Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Best baby bath for Eczema


This is for anyone who wants to get creative with their baby’s skincare and comfort. The Cetaphil’s baby wash is designed with priority given to smoothness, moisture, and gentility. It has calendula – which is known to help hair and skin health – added to make the baby as comfortable as possible during usage. This baby wash is suited to combat Eczema, rashes, and any other type of skin condition in babies. It is free from parabens and other ingredients deemed to child health.


2.  Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash, Original Tear Free 

Best baby bath for Eczema

This baby wash is rated specifically for its non-irritating and anti-inflammatory actions. It is made up of majorly soy proteins and other natural plants designed not to only combat inflammation, but also to keep the baby’s skin moist. It has a very good scent that is symbolic of nature and wellbeing. Above all, it is specially designed for babies even with the most sensitive skin.

3.  Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Baby Wash

Best baby bath for Eczema

Talking of warm and herbaceous? Then that means you need baby dove’s hypoallergenic wash. It is made with Chamonile scent among other natural herbal ingredients to keep a baby’s skin smooth and spot-free. By spot free, that includes any inflammation and bacterial infection. Also, as the name rightly implies, it is designed to work all babies irrespective of their allergies (except only in cases of extreme baby pathology).

4.  Pipette Baby Bathtime Duo Baby Wash Tear-Free and Moisturize Set 

Best baby bath for Eczema

Just in case you want a natural solution to your baby’s eczema, pipette’s baby wash is a 100% plant-based and anti-inflammatory product. This kit has a wash, a body lotion and body oil all made to keep a baby’s body smooth and moist. These products are free of hypoallergenic and good for your baby without triggering allergies and skin irritants. It has just the touch for keeping infections out and many more. You definitely want to check this out.

5.  SheaMoisture Baby Wash and Shampoo for Baby 

Best baby bath for Eczema

This is a perfect blend of coconut oil, sweet pea, and murmuru butter. It is specifically acknowledged for how it leverages natural ingredients to hydrate the skin and keep bacteria out. Like all other good anti-eczema washes, this baby wash has no ingredient deemed unsafe. Therefore, it is the best bet for minimalistic parents that love mother- nature.


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Aside from baby baths, you can take other measures like using cleansers, moisturizing the skin, and using clean clothing for your baby. In most instances, babies outgrow Eczema but it leaves marks and spots on their skin. All in all, you should save your children the embarrassment of growing up with am scaly skin by doing the right skin.