Feature | How To Give Your Baby Their First Haircut | Baby Haircut Tutorial | Toddler Haircut

How To Give Your Baby Their First Haircut | Baby Haircut Tutorial

Apprehensive about that first baby haircut? No need to worry — we’re here to help! If you can see your baby’s mop top is already becoming more cumbersome than cute, then perhaps it’s time to do your first child haircut. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of a baby haircut so you can do it with no tears (for both you and your baby). Keep reading to learn more.

Baby Haircut | Trimming Your Baby’s Hair in 6 Steps


Step 1: Identify the Best Time for a Toddler Haircut

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The best time to cut a toddler’s hair is when he or she is at his or her happiest or calmest. Only you can tell if that’s right after breakfast, a nap, or before bedtime. Commonly, it’s either when your baby first wakes up in the morning or after feeding. This way, you can cut their hair with less resistance. Maintaining a calm mood and environment helps you both stay stress-free.

Step 2: Prepare the Haircut Materials

Prepare the Haircut Materials | How To Give Your Baby Their First Haircut | Baby Haircut Tutorial | Toddler Haircut
The tools you need include a pair of barber shears, a comb, a towel, and a chair. Don’t use an ordinary pair of crafting or kitchen scissors because these can’t snip hair precisely and quickly, unlike barber shears. Use the towel as a cape to catch the cut toddler hair that falls on your baby’s shoulders, which can cause discomfort and wriggling.

Step 3: Wet Your Baby’s Hair

Wetting your baby’s hair before you start your baby haircut allows you to cut clean and precise lines. Using a spray bottle to dampen your child’s hair gives you more control.  You don’t want their hair to be sopping wet, so work slowly and spray in sections. Just warn your child about the spray, so they won’t get startled.

Step 4: Divide the Hair with a Clip

Babies are playful in nature and aren’t too keen on staying still. So, instead of starting all over again when your toddler moves, you can just divide the hair using a clip. This pulls back and separates the sections, making it easier to cut and minimizing mistakes should your child move around.

Step 5: Start Cutting the Front First

Starting with the front sections is important because your little one might be more well-behaved in the first few minutes. You should take advantage of this time because this area is more important (and visible). Begin with the bangs, cutting from the outside of each eyebrow. Use your other hand to hold your baby’s head still, so you can keep the shears away from their skin and eyes.

Step 6: Cut in Tiny Snips


Taking tiny snips from your child’s hair creates an accurate and even finish without risking a major mistake. Simply grip a small bunch of hair and slide your fingers down to your desired length. Then, snip the hair below your fingers. Follow this step consistently until all sections are evenly cut.


For more tips about cutting a toddler’s hair, watch this video from Lily Rubio:

YouTube video

A successful first baby haircut requires good timing and extra care. The steps outlined above make it easier for you to achieve this. You can even save a lock of the first cut hair and add it to your collection of baby memorabilia.

Do you have any baby haircut tips can you share with us? Leave them in the comments section!

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