Everything Fall for Babies: Sensory Activities, Crafts, Clothes and More – Ultimate Guide

Use this guide to plan your perfect fall with your baby.  Full of baby sensory activities for fall including fall crafts, autumn books and seasonal food favorites. 

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Why Fall is a Great Time of Year for Babies

Gone are the days where you have to worry about heat and too much sun exposure – enter cool weather, crisp air and new experiences for you little one.

1.  Sensory Opportunities Everywhere

Leaves, pumpkins, pine cones and apples are all wonderful opportunities to expose your baby to new textures, tastes and smell.  Below is a collection of baby sensory activities to try this autumn. 

Baby Pumpkin Carving Sensory Activity

Let your baby help you while carving a pumpkin. Place a towel or sheet on the floor underneath your pumpkin (top removed). Let your baby sit next to the pumpkin, give them a spoon and bowl or let dig with their hands.

PREP TIME 1 minute

TOTAL TIME 1 minute


  1. This is a clothes off activity – they will get messy, probably try to eat some pumpkin (no harm – just watch the seeds) and will throw the pumpkin guts around
  2. Set your baby up on the floor (keep close by to keep them safe). If its warm enough you can head outside.
  3. Give them a big spoon and bowl
  4. Have the bath ready and don’t expect them to scoop out the whole pumpkin – the younger the baby the shorter the activity

Baby Fall Scents Sensory Activity

One of baby’s most advanced senses at birth is their sense of smell (they learn their mama’s smell very quickly and that’s why you can calm them down with a shirt that mom wore).

Keep encouraging their development with a fall smells sensory game.


Place you baby on your lap (lay them across your lap if they don’t have head control yet) then gently wave fragrant items past their little nose while you tell them what their smelling.


Sliced apple

Cinnamon stick

Slice of orange

A bag of leaves 

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Baby Tummy Time Fall Activity

Grab a flannel blanket, bundle up your baby and get outside for tummy time.  Find an area with dry leaves baby can touch, add some small pumpkins and gourds for different textures.

And when you’re done bring home some leaves to add to sensory bags for later. 


  • Blanket
  • Pumpkins
  • Leaves


  • n/a


Tummy time is so important for babies. Bringing it outside mixes it up for them and you!

2.  Fall photos

Another fall activity for babies, is more for mom and dad, but photo shoots during this beautiful time of year are a must. 

Fall Baby Must Have Photos:

  • In a pile of leaves
  • Next to a pumpkin/in a pumpkin/pumpkin patch
  • In a Halloween costume
  • At the apple orchard

To up the cuteness factor even more, pick up a cute fall outfit for the occasion.

These are our favorites:

Fall Favorite Photo Shoot Outfits & Accessories

Big Sister Little Sister Set

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I’ll just have the breast please

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Gobble til you Wobble Onesie®

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Thanksgiving Baby Girl Outfit, Fall Tutu Bloomer

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Fall Baby Headbands

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Beige knit girls hat

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Baby Toddler Cable Knit Pom Winter Hat Beanie

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Pumpkin baby shoes

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Lucky Love Baby Moccasins


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3.  Fall baby food

If baby is starting to eat purees or solids now is the time to introduce the following foods that are in season.




Sweet potato


Fall Themed Baby Books

Expand your bedtime reading routine to include books about fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving

Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

One, Two…Boo!

One, Two...Boo!

Spooky Pookie (Little Pookie)

Spooky Pookie (Little Pookie)

Where Is Baby’s Turkey?: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book 

Where Is Baby's Turkey?: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

Bright Baby: Happy Thanksgiving

Bright Baby: Happy Thanksgiving

I Love to Gobble You Up! (Made with Love)

I Love to Gobble You Up! (Made with Love)

Fall Footprint Craft

This artwork made from baby’s footprints is a great rainy fall day activity.  Use them for your home decor, hand them out to grandparents or frame them and bring them out every fall. 

Footprint Art- Fall Activities for Preschoolers

PHOTO CREDIT: makingfrugalfun.com

Conclusion:  Everything Fall for Baby: Crafts, Activities, Food & Books

Sweater weather is here and your baby is about to have so much this fall with the help of the above ideas.  I would love to see your fall photos! You can find me on instagram at instagram.com/mominthesix 


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