Week Twenty Five Of Pregnancy

Week 25 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of an acorn squash

Baby is just over a foot long now and he weighs a pound and a half. His appearance undergoes some significant changes at this stage because he is putting on fat and getting rid of that lean look with the wrinkled skin. It’s at this stage, his hair is beginning to finally show color. Will he be a bald, fair hair bub or a dark brown thick-mop-of-hair little man? Time will soon tell!

Capillaries are forming under his skin, making it finally look pinker and more baby- like. Towards the end of the week, blood vessels in his lungs will be developing at a fast pace, another milestone development. His nostrils are beginning to open up too as his body gears up for life in the real (outside) world.

Week 25 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Your rounded tummy is getting a lot of curious glances and you are enjoying all the attention that it is getting you. You may also be enjoying the ‘get out of jail free’ card when it comes to house chores seeing as your bump might making it too cumbersome or tiring.

“ It’s amazing how many strangers will smile at you when they see a pregnant belly. I actually miss that now. ”

Great news for women who have always wanted lustrous thick locks- this is the time when your life long wish may actually come true. Hormones are making sure that you are not shedding as much hair as usual which is why you suddenly notice how thick your ponytail is. This continues right through to the end of your pregnancy but sadly the extra hair will be shed a couple months post birth.

Tiredness is a common side effect of pregnancy now and this may be linked to anemia, which your healthcare provider will check for at this stage along with other routine tests. If iron supplements are recommended, make sure you take them diligently.

Haemorrhoids or itchy, swollen rectal veins are common now because the uterus is pushing down hard. You may be constipated too, which can also be exacerbated from taking iron supplements.

Try this: If you’re suffering from constipation and taking iron supplements, be sure to ask about a brand that will not ‘clog you up’ as this may help give you some relief.

Snoring is another common ‘symptom’ you may suddenly develop during this stage of pregnancy owing to the increased blood flow to the mucous membranes. If it is interfering with your sleep, mention this to your physician and ask for remedies.

Week 25 Of Your Next Steps!

  • You may tend to lose balance more easily than before so you need to be extra careful doing things that may cause you to teeter.
  • While you should definitely be exercising unless otherwise advised by your doctor, it is best to avoid contact sports. During your workout, if you feel dizzy or you are in pain, stop immediately and rest. Always keep yourself hydrated and cooled.
  • Include plenty of fiber rich foods and liquids in your diet to help with constipation. If the hemorrhoids are painful, try ice packs or talk to your physician or relief. Continue with your Kegels done the correct way- they may also help.

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