Week Thirty Two Of Pregnancy

Week 32 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a Chinese cabbage

Baby is about 17 inches long now and almost four pounds, about the size of a Chinese cabbage. She is practicing all her moves over and over again in preparation for her grand entry into the real world. Her digestive system is fully functional now and ready for mouth feeding.

Her appearance is changing too – with her skin losing its translucent look and becoming opaque while she continues to grow chubbier from all the fat being deposited.

Her sleep- wake cycles are much more set now and she is probably sleeping for as long as she will after birth and at the same times. Anytime now she is moving down into her ‘head down’ position, ready to be born. But don’t worry if she hasn’t done so yet, there is still time for her to turn and some babies don’t fully ‘engage’ until just before labor begins.

Week 32 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Your uterus is pressing down hard now and that’s a cause for many little problems like urine leakage when sneezing or laughing, heartburn or constipation. You may be feeling less like eating now because of this too, but don’t forget that you and your baby both need enough nutrition – small regular meals can make it easier to eat. 

Try this: If you’re feeling really full and uncomfortable by the evening, a smoothie with banana, almond meal, handful of baby spinach and milk is a good nutrient packed, lighter option for dinner. Add some protein powder too for an extra boost.

Just when you thought nausea was a long forgotten issue from the first trimester, it can rear it’s annoying head again. Braxton Hicks contractions may be more common now and they may even be more pronounced – all a sign your body is prepping for labor. Leg cramps are still not uncommon at this time too.

Liquid gold leakage?

Your breasts are producing colostrum now (and have been for some time), which you may notice leak from your breasts. Colostrum is like liquid gold because it’s what baby will drink before your milk comes in and provides essential antibodies and immunoglobulins that can not be replicated anywhere else. These antibodies help baby’s immune system get off to a flying start. Some healthcare providers even suggest mothers express their colostrum in the lead up to birth if they expect there might be an issue with the baby/delivery and thus breastfeeding, so at least the colostrum can be given to baby first.

Week 32 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Make a back-up plan to have someone at the ready to drive you to the hospital if your partner is not available at delivery time.
  • Make a list of all the last minute items that need to be done or handled if you have to leave suddenly.
  • Planning aside, you need to keep yourself physically active too, though you may find that increasingly difficult as the weeks go by. If you are finding it impossible to do your regular exercise routine (as approved by the physician) why not switch to a long walk instead. Stretches and pre-natal yoga are great fitness options too that will help keep your body active and flexible and even your mind relaxed.
  • If you’re feeling organised, you could start packing your hospital bag and getting all those little ‘nesting’ chores done now while you can still move around without too much trouble.
    “ I washed and folded all my baby’s clothes one night, weeks before he was born, imagining what the little person was going to be like that would soon be wearing them. I was up till midnight and I have no idea why I bothered because I knew those drawers of clothes would never look as neat again! ” Kim

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