Week Ten Of Pregnancy

Week Ten Of Pregnancy


Week 10 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a prune

Crown to rump (the measurement of your baby excluding limbs), your baby is still just about an inch long at this stage. Weight wise, he is maybe about a quarter of an ounce but all of the critical development has already taken place in this tiny, new life. This week marks the end of the embryonic stage and the beginning of the fetal stage, where further development of tissues, organs, bones and cartilage are now taking place.

Baby’s vital organs such as kidneys, intestines and even the brain are not only in place but also beginning to work the way they should. Of course, they are all still a work-in-progress but they are definitely functioning at this point. So much so, that if your baby is boy, he’s already producing the hormone testosterone.

Exciting new developments in your baby’s appearance this week mean the webbing between fingers is gone now and tiny nails are forming. It’s amazing to think that your baby’s teeth are laid down this week, even though it will be many months after he is born until they surface from the gum. The spine is clearly visible now and so are the spinal nerves that are beginning to form.

As far as movements go, baby’s limbs can flex now and this is when he begins to take the classic fetal position with hands and legs meeting in the front of his body (hopefully he is not feeling shy at your next antenatal scan and gives you a cheeky ‘wave’ hello).

Week 10 of Pregnancy
Medically accurate 3D illustration of a week 10 fetus
Week Ten Of Pregnancy

Week 10 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Your mental state and physical health

Euphoric at times, because of the new life growing inside you and then you being down in the dumps because of the nausea making you miserable- pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster indeed.

Your uterus has expanded to accommodate baby – just a little bit – from the size of an orange before baby to not quite the size of a grapefruit now. For many, this still might not be enough to make your normal clothes uncomfortable yet.  Your breasts may feel bloated and strain against your bra, making things really uncomfortable for you. Constipation may be your constant companion now. You may also start noticing veins running across your abdomen and even your breasts. Emotional ups and downs are still of course a common thing at this stage too (but it’s reassuring to know you should get some relief in this department come second trimester).

There are a ton of weird and wacky symptoms you may experience during pregnancy. All totally normal, all totally ok. Every woman’s journey is unique and different so embrace the weird, wacky and totally normal!

Week Ten Of Pregnancy

Week 10 Of Your Next Steps!

  • You may have already heard your baby’s heartbeat at your initial dating scan antenatal appointment… if not, you’ll get the chance to hear it at your next appointment coming up very soon. How exciting!
  • You might need to consider making a few changes to your wardrobe at this stage. Going a size up in bra or investing in some maternity jeans and swapping to more stretchy or loose fitting clothes around the waist/stomach area might make you more comfortable.
  • Stay fit and continue your walking or swimming because they are considered safe throughout your pregnancy. Generally, at this stage in your pregnancy most exercise activities are safe if you were already doing them prior to pregnancy and unless your doctor advises against it for medical reasons. If you prefer to do much more vigorous exercise, check with your doctor before continuing.
  • Continue to eat well (especially fibrous foods to help with constipation such as wholegrain cereals, breads, brown rice, vegetables and fruits) as well as drink at least 2 litres of water per day.
  • Sick of frequent trips to the bathroom? Try limiting your fluid intake a couple hours before bed to reduce disturbances once you’ve nodded off for the night.

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