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Genius Thanksgiving Hacks To Help Your Cooking Go Smoothly

If you’re already feeling the holiday stress, these Thanksgiving hacks will make your preparations a lot easier!

13 Thanksgiving Hacks for Stress-Free Holiday Preparations

1. Tape Recipes on Kitchen Cabinets

Recall your recipes easily by printing them out and taping them onto your kitchen cabinets. Display them at eye level so you can easily refer to a recipe while cooking. By doing this, you don’t have to flip through a cookbook or find a recipe online and risk spilling something on your phone.

2. Keep the Kids Entertained

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Child Drawing Female Angel | Genius Thanksgiving Hacks to Help Your Cooking Go Smoothly | Thanksgiving tips and tricks

Keep the kids entertained while you are working in the kitchen. Cover your table with plain paper and give the little ones some pencils and crayons. While they are busy drawing, you can easily watch over them while you cook.

3. Prevent Ingredients from Splashing

Drape a towel over your KitchenAid to prevent the ingredients from splashing all over. This hack saves you time from cleaning.

4. Make Your Own Festive Home Fragrance

Boil orange rinds, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and apple peels for a festive smell at home. It’s an easy way to create a joyous vibe at home without putting too much work on the decor or fancy table setting.

5. Put Your Baby on a Cozy Cover Easy Seat

Put your baby on a Cozy Cover Easy Seat so you know they’re seated somewhere safe where you can see them while you’re cooking.

6. Protect Your Table from Spills

Put a newspaper under a tablecloth to protect your table from spills. This is a cheap way to prevent spills or scratches on expensive tables, especially wooden ones.

7. Keep Food Warm

Place a kitchen towel at the bottom of a cooler. Cover the dishes tightly with foil and put them in a cooler to keep them warm.

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8. Make an Improvised Splash Guard

Use a paper plate as a splash guard when using a hand mixer. This will prevent ingredients from splashing all over saving you precious clean up time.

9. Prevent the Spoon from Falling into a Bowl

Wrap a rubber band around a mixing spoon’s handle to prevent it from falling into a bowl or pot.

10. Remove Garlic Skin Easily

Microwave garlic cloves (or the entire bulb) to remove the skin easily. You can also try putting loose cloves into a cup of hot water. Once the cloves are cool, you can easily lift their skins off.

11. Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm

Place mashed potatoes in a slow cooker to keep them warm. To make sure they stay nice and moist, you can add a little bit of cream or butter.

12. Keep Turkey Moist

Carving Turkey | Genius Thanksgiving Hacks to Help Your Cooking Go Smoothly | Thanksgiving tips and tricks

Set the turkey on top of a ring shaped from foil to keep it moist. The foil ring helps control heat flow allowing the turkey to roast evenly.

13. Mix Butter Easily

Grate the butter to mix it easily when making pie crust. Additionally, if you want to prep ingredients ahead of time, grate the butter before putting it in the freezer. Grated butter will warm and soften faster.


Watch this video about some genius Thanksgiving hacks to help your cooking go smoothly! 

Beat the holiday stress with these genius Thanksgiving hacks. Preparing a nice Thanksgiving meal for family and friends can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with a few Thanksgiving tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can relax and enjoy your holiday preparations.

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