No Sew Baby Blanket Fleece DIY

No Sew Baby Blanket (The Perfect Fleece Stroller Blanket)

This DIY no sew baby blanket craft is made out of fleece fabric and can be made in less than an hour!

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It makes a beautiful baby shower gift for new moms and because it’s so cozy it is perfect for taking baby on stroller walks in cooler weather. The fox fabric is very popular right now, but fleece comes in so many different styles now you can match it to your theme and taste.

The blanket is finished off with a modern braided edge that the baby will love playing with.

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Handmade Baby Gifts

I’ve been crocheting baby blankets for my friends for years and have also made baby girl headbands as gifts.  I love pairing a handmade, unique gift with something bought.

Now that I have two children of my own I am busy! Finding the time to crochet a blanket is difficult, so instead I’ve been making up these no sew ones.   They come together very quickly and the braid can be done while watching Netflix after a long day.

How Many Yards Do I Need For a No Sew Baby Blanket?

1 yard will make a great sized blanket for baby.  Perfect to cover up baby on walks.  If you want more of a lap sized blanket for mom or a larger toddler sized then you can increase to 2 yards.

Where To Get The Fabric

Fleece blankets or minky blankets (as they are sometimes called) are great for stroller blankets to keep the baby warm.  They can also be laid down outside for tummy time. They should not be used for sleeping.

When I’m trying to find some fabric for a new project I look at a few places. The fox pattern was found at Walmart, but I also usually have luck at Joanns.  Your local fabric store will have lots of options as well.

If you want to shop online Amazon actually has a great selection of modern patterns.

These adorable llamas for example:

Llama Patterned Fleece Fabric

Who doesn’t love fuzzy llamas?  They are a very popular pattern for babies right now and are gender neutral.

See it on Amazon here.

Etsy also carries a lot of fleece (minky) fabrics. I LOVE this floral one.

Fleece fabric for no sew baby blanket

Floral Pattern

This modern floral is so beautiful and will have all the other moms asking where you got it from!

See it on Etsy here

New Sew Baby Blanket – How to DIY

no sew baby blanket fleece diy

This no sew blanket is quick to make and the results are beautiful.


fox fleece no sew supplies

–  1 yard of fleece fabric

–  Ruler/Measuring Tape

–  Scissors (it’s best to use scissors that are made to cut fabric as it will be easier to cut the fleece. For Example these ones)


1.  Fold the fleece in half so that you have 3 sides that are cut and one side you will need to cut

2. Cut the remaining side of fabric so all sides are open, and you have 2 separate pieces of fabric

3.  Lay them down so that they are matched up

4.  Start in one corner by cutting about 4″ into the fleece, and the same on the other side so that you cut a square out of the corner, repeat this at every corner.

fleece fabric minky
no sew baby blankets

5.  Next cut a 1.5″ strip, continuing to cut the strips about an inch apart until you get to the end, repeat this on every side.

6. Once all strips are cut, fold the strip in half and cut a slit into the strips

7.  Once all of the strips have the slits cut into them, you will start the braiding process

Take the first piece and pull it through the slit of the next piece. Repeat this all the way around the blanket. Once you get to the last piece, weave it into the first piece that you started the process with.

no sew baby blanket braid
no sew baby blanket instructions

Perfect for a baby shower gift or new mom gift, these simple blankets will be extra special knowing that it is handmade.

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