Musical Toys for Autistic child

Musical Toys for Autistic child

Music, just like culture, has always been a way of life – a natural part of our everyday experiences. However, music, in general, does something special to the body and mind of a child; it helps them work together. In addition, of course, dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression.
The good thing about music is that it can also be integrated into relatable forms for children. Here is a list of recommended Musical Toys for Autistic child

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This is the logic behind musical toys. Musical toys also serve as music to our ears; they immerse kids into a world of sound which helps them develop their senses.

Musical toys can be divided into two main types: toy musical instruments and toys that play music. Irrespective of which type it is, it proves a single point; we cannot undermine the essence of music in a child’s developmental stage.

According to the American Centre for disease control, one out of every fifty-four kids has an autistic diagnosis. Furthermore, research has daily shown a gradual increment in the prevalence of autism each year. Generally, this proves that we need to be more aware of certain things tailored to their needs.

Although they have special needs, they also deserve a happy childhood, just like a normal child. They deserve to experience the beauty of sound; they deserve to feel what it’s like to play with musical toys.

Every child deserves a happy childhood filled with memories – the same for the child with autism. During early childhood, the brain of autistic children tends to grow faster than the average. There have been specific explanations for this growth. This means that parts of the brain in autistic children communicate with each other in a typical way. This communication can be enhanced by music.

It is important to note the peculiarities before attempting to get them toys. Autistic children might also be under-sensitive or over-sensitive to touch, taste, sight, and sound. This is the more reason why the perfect musical toys have to be found for them. You have to get them toys that won’t easily upset them. We would be recommending a few of these musical toys suitable for any child with autism.

10 Amazing Musical Toys For Your Autistic Child


1.   SMART WALLABY Musical Instruments 

Musical Toys for Autistic child

Smart Wallaby musical set for children has a variety of 25-piece musical instruments. Examples include castanets, maracas, write bells, shaker eggs, xylophone with mallets, whistle, a triangle with Beater, tone block, trumpet, rainmaker, tambourine, etc. cymbal stick, and bell sticks. You will be astonished at the quality of these instruments as your child may eventually find a favorite one among them.

Playing these instruments also sets the tempo for physical development. The products are made of non-toxic paints and wooden pieces, except the whistle is made of plastic. Although with constant usage, some items may begin to fall apart. You have to be careful that this does not pose a danger to choking in the child.

2.  M SANMERSEN Kids Keyboard with Microphone

Musical Toys for Autistic child

M Sanmersan piano keyboard has 37 keys comprising of 10 demos, 8 tones, 8 rhythms, 4 animal sounds, conversion key, record, and playback. The keyboard is designed with cool cartoon patterns that can attract kid’s attention and increase their interest in music. M Sanmersan will also help develop kid’s brain awareness and cultivate musical talents. The right speaker of the keyboard has a volume that can always be adjusted to help protect their ears and enjoy music.

The recorded rhythms on the keyboard will make your kid dance in delight. It can also be of help to develop their ability in making music. However, if not properly handled with care, some of the keys may stop functioning.

3.   Bstaofy Creative Musical Glow

Musical Toys for Autistic child

Bstaofy musical glow is a musical glow pillow that has an adorable star image. It is capable of bringing about a good mood for your kid as it looks cute. It has a glow at night, which drives away fear and loneliness, especially when the kid is not sleeping in the same room with the parent. The top of the pillow has a hanging rope that to hang the pillow easily and for decoration purposes.

This musical pillow can sing up to 10 songs ranging from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do Re MI, You Are My Sunshine, The Wheels on the Bus, and the likes of them. The power supply to the battery is not that efficient as there is the tendency of having to change the batteries within 10 days.

4.  VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

Musical Toys for Autistic child

Rock and Pop music player by Vtech play up to ten musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time, and more. The music player plays different melodies and experiments with songs featuring an instrument remix that lets you choose from piano, xylophone, saxophone, violin, and guitar.

Vtech Rock and Pop Music player has parent-friendly features that aid the control for the volume. There is also a headphone that accompanies the music player. The volume can also be adjusted to suit little ears. Although, the headphones are mostly large, and it’s not advisable for kids with small heads because they will keep falling off.

5.  iPlay, iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments Toys

Musical Toys for Autistic child

This 6 instrument percussion comprises of Marching Drum, Drum Stickers, Maracas, Tambourines, Trumpet, Flute, and Harmonica.

This toy is a means of learning and quite educational as it aid in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and also contributes to emotional understanding.

6.   Crayola Ultimate Light Board Red

Musical Toys for Autistic child

Crayola Musical Doddle Board is a mess-free, portable doddle board that lights up and plays music. It features a touch light unit with 6 songs, 12 light colors, and instructions. It’s a creative toy that engages your kid’s imagination in a multi-sensory art experience.

Kids don’t have to mess up their hands with paints to draw as it avails them the opportunity to draw on a reusable gel surface. However, there’s the possibility of the ink inside the doddle board leaking out and spread around the place. Therefore, you have to wipe the screen gel after every drawing manually. In addition, the doddle board is not big enough to have many details written over it.

7.   ThinkFun Zingo Bingo



Zingo Bingo is musically created for brain games and mind-challenging puzzles. It is popular in the classroom with teachers as it is popular in homes with families. Zingo toy has won many awards, including an Oppenheim Gold, Parent’s Choice Award, and many more. Playing helps to improve language skills through fun and fast-paced play.

It helps in word practice in a timely fashion and teaches your kid the importance of taking turns and the point that they don’t always have to win. In addition, it helps improve the motor skills of children with autism, and it teaches independence in game playing. Although the description of the game reads that it will be coming with 72 tiles, don’t be surprised when it’s short of a few tiles.

8.   Spinning Light Up Wand 

Musical Toys for Autistic child

This rotating light show captures the imagination and keeps kids busy for hours. It’s a soothing sensory toy for children with autism, ADHD, or special needs. The captivating motion of the light helps soothe calm and delight kids. It can also serve as a costume accessory for princess and magician costumes.

But their tendencies of battery issues range from it getting hot and not being strong enough to last. Apart from that, the Spinning Light up Wand is something every child should have.

9.  Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat

Musical Toys for Autistic child

Kidzlane floor piano mats feature a 6 full feet of touch-sensitive keys coupled with a selection of 8 different instrumental sounds. It is an exciting and innovative way for your kids to express creativity while still catching fun. Kidzlane floor mat is designed to allow kids to jump, hop, and even dance on the colorful keys.

These varying cool colors on the keys are quite soothing to the eyes. And the sounds coming from the keys are manageable as the volume can be heightened or reduced depending on your preference. However, when your kids are on the mat, you have to be quite observant as the keys’ surface is extremely slippery, which makes it dangerous to dance on.

10.  Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Musical Toys for Autistic child

This is an educational toy that teaches your kid how sounds combine to create 8 Mozart masterpieces. It features includes harp, flute, French horn, piano, and violin instrument sound. It is made of soft, rounded corners, and it’s easy and safe for kids to hold.

With a touch of the button, this interactive magic cube allows your child to be able to do addition or subtraction from any combination of five different instruments. The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube inspires creativity and interactive play while it provides a fun musical foundation for your little one.


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Music is a sure-fire of anxiety management in children with autism. This is particularly effective in children with high functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Professionals even recommend it as a therapeutic means of dealing with the negative habits that may arise from autism. You, too, can leverage on that t help your kid.