grid of gift ideas to propose to godparents: picture frame, baby onesie and a gift box

20 Special Godparent Proposal Ideas & Gifts

A growing trend is to uniquely ask your child’s potential Godparents to take on this special duty.  Godparent Proposal ideas can range from a simple card or poem to a larger Godparent proposal gift.

There is no need to go overboard, but it is nice to ask in a special way, as this is a great life moment to commemorate.  

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Selecting a God Parent

baby getting baptized by a priest

First things first, you need to select the Godparents. 

This is a big deal.

In many cultures, Godparents become second-parents and form unbreakable bonds with their Godchildren. 

It might be worthwhile to select someone who is already in your family and who lives close to help foster that bond.

A good rule of thumb is to select two people that:

1.  Share the same morals as you.  You want to select people who you know well and that you have seen make life choices that you agree with. 

They should be people you trust completely.  

2.  Share the same Religion.  Some Religions allow you to select one Godparent in the same religion and one not. 

In the end, it is easier and probably more comfortable to have Godparents who share the same Religion and beliefs. But either option is fine.

3.  Are good role models.  If your child sees their Godparent at a family gathering will they be respectable and kind to others?  Do they love children?

Do they have any skeletons in their closet you wouldn’t want your child to know? Make sure you think through these questions before asking anyone.

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Godparent Proposal Ideas – Cards

The simplest way to “propose” to a would-be Godparent is have your child give them a card.  Cards are budget friendly and can be beautiful keepsakes. These are our favorites.

Black and White, Will You Be My God Parents Proposal Card

These simple, modern and beautiful cards are an elegant way to ask the potential Godparents.

Godparents Proposal Card

This minimalist card is simple and straight to the point, but the beautiful font makes it special.

Will you be my Godparents Scratch Card

These adorable cards feature a “scratch here” to unveil the proposal. Perfect for Godparents who are a couple (like an Aunt and Uncle)

Will you be my Godparents Card

Simple, sweet and to the point – this card is adorable and simple, but still special.  Designed to ask both Godparents in one card.

Godmother Proposal Ideas/Gifts

If you want to ask each Godparent separately these Godmother specific proposal gift ideas are our favorites. Beautiful and feminine to mark this occasion.

Godmother Personalized Reversible Sequin Pillow 

These trendy sequin pillows hide a secret message perfect for a Godmother proposal.

Godmother Necklace

This necklace has a large circle to represent the Godmother and a smaller circle for your child. She can wear it at the Baptism or Christening too!

Will You Be My Godmother Picture Frame

This rustic photo frame with a special bow holds a picture of your baby so she’ll be able to keep it at home.

Godmother Gift Boxes – Spa Gift

A “second-mom” gets tired too, gift her a spa box to take some stress away.

Will you be my Godmother Mug

This adorable mug has a special question and adorable elephant cartoon.

Godfather Proposal Ideas/Gifts

These Godfather-friendly gifts will make them even more excited to take on these special duties, and some will probably make them laugh at the same time.

Will you be my Godfather

I “mustache” you a question. Cute and a mug he can use everyday.

Godfather mug

Another mug idea, this one has cartoon penguins and is personalized with their name.

Godfather Gift Set

All of the below comes in this gift set:

1 “godfather” T-shirt

1 stainless steel tumbler 

1 “godfather” bottle opener

1 small card 

1 straw

1 kraft gift box with custom message, paper & bow See it on Etsy

Godparent Proposal Ideas/Gifts – For Couples

If the Godparents you are “proposing” to are a couple you can ask with these adorable matching or couple gifts.

Godparents Ornament

If you are asking near Christmas, an ornament is a really fun Christmas gift. You can also hide it on their tree when they aren’t looking.

Custom Godparents Tumblers

Matching tumblers? Yes please!

Custom Godparent Proposal Candle Labels

These labels can be added to candles that you pick out based on their scent preferences. Candles are very prominent in Religious ceremonies so these candles pair nicely for a Baptism or Christening.

Godparent Mug Set

These classic mugs are a great couple gift. Its also nice to have the year included.

Godparent Proposal Ideas – Let the Baby Do the Asking

And finally, why not let the baby ask by showing up at their door wearing the proposal? These three options are all adorable, just pick the ones that fits your taste best.

Goddaughter Outfit

The matching bow will let them know to pay extra attention to what baby is wearing today.

Will you be my Godparents Onesie

Ask them both at the same time with this baby onesie.

Custom will you be my Godparents

This gender neutral onesie is personalized with their names as well.See it on Etsy

Conclusion: Godparent Proposal Gifts

No matter if you just simply ask the question, present a card or add a gift, the Godparents you have chosen will be honored.  This special role is important for your child and the two adults you ask, but a special proposal makes it a memory everyone will cherish. 

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