Best soy milk brand for toddlers

Best soy milk brand for toddlers

Breast milk is unarguably the best form of milk and the most essential for nursing babies. Nonetheless, there comes a time where your child transitions to being a more complex being, and you may need to change their diet.
But among the varieties of milk, why soy milk? Is soymilk suitable for toddlers? If you are confused about what soy milk is and how safe it is for your toddler, you are in the right place.

What is soy milk?

Soy milk is alternative milk that is rich in minerals essential to a child’s growth – iron, calcium, and potassium. It is also rich in fiber, soy protein, natural and added sugar. Nonetheless, the nutritional value can be different depending on the soy milk brand.
Despite the nutritional value, there are still some facts surrounding soy milk that parents and caretakers need to learn before administering it to their babies.

Is soymilk good for toddlers?

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As nutritious as soymilk may be, it can pose dangers if fed to kids below the age of 1 because it does not contain the right proportion of nutrients to help them develop compared to formulas and breast milk.

However, children can begin to feed on soymilk from 1 to 5 years as an alternative to cow milk (especially if they are lactose intolerant or don’t consume animal products) because they have the same nutritional value. In addition, before feeding soymilk to your child, ensure that it is unsweetened and fortified.

Even though certain soy kinds of milk offer more calcium than cow milk, they can also prevent your child from absorbing calcium due to the presence of a natural compound called phytate.

If your toddler is lactose intolerant or has allergies, it is best to feed them with fortified soy milk from any brand that your pediatrician recommends. It is best to get through this transition with the help of a medical expert to help determine if it is safe to feed your child with any brand of soymilk. Not just for a recommendation but to assess your child for allergies and possible reactions.

Buying guide Best soy milk brands for toddlers

Let’s look at the essentials to watch out for when shopping for the best soy milk brand for toddlers.

Quality of taste

Since it is made of grains, it gives that grainy feel when in the mouth. Soy milk has a strong natural taste and scent when no external ingredients have been added. Hence, most brands use vanilla as a product ingredient to create a taste and scent that consumers can easily identify and enjoy.

Generally, consumers blend the taste themselves as they wish with the help of sugar, vanilla, and sweeteners they are familiar with. Nonetheless, some customers do not buy the idea of adding extra ingredients for taste and prefer to enjoy the natural flavor of soy milk. It is hence best to shop for the flavor that suits your taste.

Production contents

Generally, soy milk is rich in protein, iron, calcium, and potassium, but over the years, brands have made series of modifications to their soy milk products to suit the wants and needs of their customers.

For instance, a bodybuilder would instead shop for a soy milk product with a high protein level because he needs the extra protein to build his muscles. Another element to watch out for is calcium.

It does not have to contain a large amount, but having an adequate amount would help your toddler grow rightly.
Proteins are required to develop muscular tissue, while calcium is necessary for the fortifying and advancement of bone formation in the body, which is why you should look for these two components in any soy milk product.

7 Top soy milk brands for toddlers

1. Silk Vanilla Soymilk

Best soy milk brand for toddlers

Every serving of this soy milk product provides you with up to 6 grams of protein and is free of fat and artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, its calcium level is half that of cow’s milk. Most importantly, it’s packed with nutrient-dense goodness that’s excellent for your body and tastes great, thanks to the ideal vanilla flavor.

In addition, the lack of GMOs in all of its components is an added benefit. You can enjoy it with fruit juices, cereal, baked products, and even as a solo drink.
It isn’t just an alternative to ordinary milk but it is a healthy and delicious product for people who do not like dairy products.

2. Signature Vanilla Organic Soymilk

best soy milk for toddlers

Kirkland provides a natural, gluten-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free soymilk filled with nutritious ingredients, including this vanilla-seasoned soy milk.

When selecting this soy milk, the most crucial consideration is the ingredients and their medicinal benefits.
In addition to the natural qualities described above, it contains 7 grams of protein, which is considered a high level and an excellent choice for buyers looking for more protein when working out.

One of the most remarkable features that his product offers is the omega-3 check, which, in addition to everything else, offers 250 grams of healthy unsaturated fats per serving.

3. Yeo’s Soymilk

best soy milk for toddlers

Yeo’s soymilk is made in Malaysia from Canadian soybeans. When it comes to soymilk, it’s a good option because it’s lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and loaded with lots of minerals.

It is unadulterated soy milk with the first taste with a touch of sugar added just to make your taste buds jump at the chance to it, unlike the other two soymilk items on this list. It isn’t seasoned and is unadulterated soy milk; you can add a touch of sugar added just to make your taste buds jump.

Customers have described it as an energizing beverage with an exceptionally silky flavor. In terms of benefits and ingredients, aside from being pure soy with no additives, every serving contains 5 grams of protein, which isn’t a lot but is still adequate for nutritional purposes.

4. Silk Unsweetened Organic Soymilk

If you’re searching for natural soy milk, Silk’s Unsweetened Organic Soymilk is a great option.
Because it is pure and unsweetened soy milk, customers who carefully select their products based on their content, production process, and quality are often attracted to it. It has an authentic soy flavor that only whole soybeans can provide, and it calms any tongue that is sensitive to the flavor. It’s a crucial component, and it’s what most people looking for natural products seek lately.
Every serving offers a massive 8 grams of protein and a good dose of calcium to sustain your toddler for a great day.

5. Kirkland Organic Vanilla Soy Milk

Best soy milk brand for toddlers

For different reasons, some customers want to forego dairy products when it comes to their toddler’s health, but Kirkland’s Soy Beverage is an excellent replacement for conventional dairy milk.

Despite being a natural product, this soy milk has a mild and delightful vanilla taste that is sufficient to keep your youngster excited while also delivering essential nutrients needed for their healthy development.

Unlike regular soy kinds of milk, it has a distinct vanilla flavor that blends with the soy flavor, providing the right amount of naturalness to keep the youngsters pleased.
It is a good cause for a toddler’s muscle development, as every serving contains 7 grams of protein, and its calcium content provides considerable sustenance for bone fortification.

6. Silk Shelf-Stable Soymilk Singles

It’s a soy product with a subtle apple taste that complements the natural soy flavor. It also has a silky texture that is ideal for espresso and other applications. The has a very nice taste, despite not being an undiluted soy food.

Although this product may not be as nutritional as other products on this list, it is still a decent investment that should fulfil all of the wants you need it for.

7. Silk Shelf-Stable Soymilk Singles, Chocolate

Best soy milk brand for toddlers

Unlike the other soy kinds of milk on the list, it is made with real chocolate. It also contains soy protein. What’s more is that vegans can also consider it a fantastic non-dairy option for draining since it’s free of dairy, lactose, etc.
With half the calcium of dairy milk and high protein content that is healthy for the heart, Silk Soymilk is a nutritional powerhouse.

In addition, because of its unusual, rack-stable packaging, this chocolate soymilk will remain fresh at room temperature, unopened, until the expiration date: no refrigeration is necessary! Silk Chocolate Soymilk is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, making it a great option by helping you abstain from the variables that contribute to heart disease.

Hence with the help of this soy milk, you can easily limit meals high in saturated fat and cholesterol to lower the chance of infection.


Mother’s milk is the ideal milk type for toddlers and infants, as long as you’re feeling good enough to supply it. Nonetheless, it would be best to begin a healthy eating regimen for your children at the age of six months with the help of a medical expert.