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11 Best Ovulation Apps For Family Planning

Ovulation apps have enabled women of all ages to better understand their cycle. These apps are also useful in pinpointing a woman’s fertility window. For couples who are trying to conceive, understanding an ovulation calendar is crucial. Here are a few of the most popular mobile apps to help you track your ovulation cycle.

Ovulation Apps | 11 Best Fertility Apps to Help You Start a Family

1. Clue


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Clue is a free ovulation app that helps identify period trends to see if your cycle is normal. It also allows users to connect with others to share information about their cycle through its feature Clue Connect, which encourages partners to be more informed and involved. In 2016, Clue was rated top menstrual app by Obstetrics & Gynecology journal.

2. Glow


Another free app, Glow fosters a community of women through Glow Community, which cultivates an environment for women’s discussions about their reproductive health. Glow also helps men understand their fertility, making it an ideal app for couples who want to conceive. Another unique feature is Glow First, geared towards couples who want a baby as soon as possible. This app also offers a special program for those who pay for it monthly. After ten months they will be given a portion of their monthly payments that they can use for an infertility screening. This system gives couples access to a more affordable infertility screening.

3. Flo


Flo uses artificial intelligence to help you predict your menstruation and ovulation patterns. Aside from keeping a record of period dates, you can also track symptoms of hormonal fluctuations like food cravings, blemishes, and mood swings. The app can also be set to send reminders to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Flo also has a chatbot assistant available 24/7 to help you understand more about a painful symptom and how to deal with it.

4. Kindara


Kindara’s most unique feature is its ability to monitor basal body temperature and sync data from its companion oral fertility thermometer, Wink. This added feature allows the app to accurately identify your fertility window. It also allows you to chart cervical changes, spotting, mood changes, and other PMS symptoms.

5. Period Tracker


Period Tracker is a simple yet effective ovulation app that can help predict up to 12 menstrual cycles based on previous entries. It also sends daily fertility tips and features a simple calendar view that allows you to plan your schedule based on your cycle. You can also connect your app with your partner’s companion app to allow access to your fertility information. Period Tracker also has an in-app chat to make it easier for couples to share notes.

6. Conceivable

Conceivable helps women improve their fertility by making positive lifestyle choices. It provides users with a fertility score, which estimates how close a woman is to her optimal fertile state. The score is determined by four areas: fertility factors, lifestyle, cycle health, and basal body temperature, and provides personalized recommendations to improve fertility.

7. Fertility Friend


Fertility Friend was one of the first websites to offer online fertility charting in 1998 and brought it to mobile in 2008. The app tracks ovulation and fertile days to help users plan ahead to increase their chances of conception. It also helps identify physical signs that indicate ovulation.

8. Ovia


Ovia is the product of a collaboration between Harvard scientists and America’s leading fertility experts. It also offers a database of expert articles on women’s health. The app can also be synced to Fitbit devices for even more accurate results, as the device helps track factors that affect fertility such as sleep and weight.

9. OvaCue


OvaCue provides the ability to measure a number of physical factors related to ovulation through an adapter that connects the OvaCue Fertility Monitor to a smartphone. Some examples include saliva and cervical mucus. The app also notifies about ovulation up to 7 days in advance.

10. Natural Cycles


This app uses a bio-statistical algorithm to predict ovulation. Besides tracking your cycle, it also reads your temperature to determine how soon your next ovulation will be. Natural Cycles can help you understand when you can and can’t get pregnant with an accuracy rate of more than 90%. This app is free for the first month, with a monthly subscription fee afterward.

11. Dot


This fertility tracker app gets its name from the method it uses to predict a woman’s cycle, known as ‘Dynamic Optimal Timing’. With Dot, you can calculate the chances of conception for each specific day just by inputting your cycle lengths. This information will definitely come in handy when you are trying to conceive.

To learn more about ovulation apps, watch this video from Ansley Van Epps.

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Ovulation apps are important tools when it comes to starting a family. Figuring out and keeping track of your ovulation calendar can be tricky at times but luckily, we have these apps that make the process easier. They all have different approaches to fertility tracking to accommodate the different needs and lifestyles of every mother-to-be. Hopefully,with the help of this list you’ll find the perfect fertility app for you!

Have you used other fertility apps to help you conceive? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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