baby pees through diaper at night

10 Solutions When Your Baby Pees Through Their Diaper at Night (Stop leaks now!)

It’s a terrible feeling when you walk into your child’s room and see that your baby has peed through their diaper at night.   

They are wet, their sheets are spoiled and they may even wake up with a diaper rash.  The solutions below will help prevent your baby or toddler wetting through their diaper at night.

This post may contain affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

This post may contain affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

Why Your Baby Pees Through Their Diaper At Night

Babies can start peeing through their diapers as soon as six months and can continue on into their toddler years.   Their bladders are growing and can hold more liquid and as they learn to drink water on their own they may drink too much before bedtime.    

You may also have a stomach sleeper like my daughter, as the night goes on the front of the diaper can’t hold the liquid and we get leaks around the waistband on the front of her pajamas.

We started with the first tip below and as she grew we added a few others and have tried some combination of them all at one time or another.   Happy to report we have been waking up with dry sheets for awhile now!

Below are solutions for when your baby pees through their diaper at night. There are some toddler tips too!

10 Solutions to Stop Diaper Leaks at Night

1.    Use an overnight diaper    

The simplest place to start is to switch to using an overnight diaper.  

Most brands have daytime diapers and overnight diapers. Start off by trying the same brand you currently use.  If that doesn’t work try one of the other best overnight diapers from the list below.

We use Pampers Baby Dry.

Best overnight diapers for toddlers & babies (based on Amazon reviews):

  1. Pampers Baby Dry
  2. Huggies Overnights
  3. Pampers Swaddlers Overnight

This was the first thing we did when our daughter started leaking through her diaper.  It worked for awhile but then we had move on to the next tips.

2.   Change their diaper right before bed  

Or have them go on the potty right before if they are potty training.  This should come after story time if you see their diaper is wet again.

3.   Change their diaper in the middle of the night

If you have a deep sleeper and you are stealthy you can change them while they are sleeping.

4. Buy a mattress cover

This won’t help with leaks, but it will protect your child’s mattress.  If you’re changing sheets every day

5.   Go up a size in the overnight diaper

If you start seeing leaks again a simple way to stop them is to go up a size in the overnight diapers.  This adds a bit more absorbency.

6.   Try Putting the overnight diaper on backwards

If you are noticing leaks in the front of your child’s diaper, try putting the diaper on backwards as most diapers include extra absorbency in the back of the diaper.

7.   Add a diaper booster pad

These were game changers when going up a size stopped working.  We were washing sheets every day. These diaper booster pads are absorbent pads you add to your overnight diapers. The extra layer helps keep leaks in.

These are must haves now for us.   We use them every night and on long car rides to keep our daughter more comfortable.      

8.   Double up your diapers

Two diapers may be the trick to stopping leaks for good.  It may be a bit bulky but will give double the  absorbency

9.    Add a liner across the top of the diaper  

Grab a pad meant for a woman (make sure it’s a long one) and place it across the waistband of the diaper. Or use those diaper booster pads  mentioned above across the waistband.  That should stop leaks out the top and sides.

10. Limit beverages before bed

I left this tip to the end because I only recommend it if you’ve tried everything else.  It’s hard to tell when your child is legitimately thirsty or just drinking ‘for fun’.

Bonus Tip:    

Try a cloth diaper.   They may give you the extra absorbency you need.   Amazon or Etsy have a ton of options.    

We like these from Amazon

You can add extra liners like these ones.

And these from Etsy.

Conclusion for when baby keeps peeing through diaper at night

If you have a baby who pees through their diaper at night the above solutions should help.   Let me know which ones worked best and if you have any other suggestions I can share.

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