100 Pregnancy Reveal Captions For Instagram And Facebook

These pregnancy reveal captions are perfect for your pregnancy announcement posts on social media.

Pregnancy Reveal Captions For Ig

  1. Even miracles take a little time. #babyontheway.
  2. I am happy, healthy, and pregnant.
  3. Pink or blue? We simply can’t say. We’re so excited about our new one is coming soon.
  4. Our family is expanding by two feet.
  5. Roses are red, violets are blue, and in three months our little miracle is due.
  6. There’s a new vibe coming to our tribe.
  7. Wanted to keep you in the loop: we’ll soon be adding to our troop.
  8. Happiness is carrying a whole world inside you.
  9. Surprise, we are expecting it!
  10. Happiness is on the way.
  11. Even miracles take a little more time.
  12. I have never been happier than I am right now. Am soon going to be a mom.
  13. We are having a baby!
  14. I can’t wait to meet my little baby.
  15. Mummy has a bun in the oven.
  16. Counting days until baby (X) joins our cute little family.
  17. Baby on board.
  18. A new player is set to enter the game.
  19. Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the love of my life.
  20. I like big bumps, and I cannot lie!

Pregnancy Reveal Captions For Facebook

  1. The butterflies you used to give me turned into little feet.
  2. God knew my heart needed you.
  3. We’re resting up while we can. We’ll be missing a lot of sleep soon enough.
  4. Heaven has smiled down on us. We are having a baby.
  5. Someone is about to land soon. That someone is going to make us happy and proud parents.
  6. We can’t wait to meet our new addition.
  7. Nauseous. Tired. Can’t Sleep. Terrified. Thrilled. Pregnant.
  8. Waiting for you is the hardest and most beautiful thing, I have ever done.
  9. Our family wasn’t quite complete until we added two more little feet.
  10. There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.
  11. What do a chef baking a roll and I have in common? We both have a bun in the oven.
  12. I am in love with a human, I haven’t met yet. I am pregnant.
  13. I can’t wait to meet with my little baby.
  14. Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.
  15. I am happy, healthy, and pregnant.
  16. Love this bump and all those wiggles.
  17. This is the day we both have been waiting for so long. We are so glad right now to let you know that we are expecting a baby.
  18. Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.
  19. Pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride that has no seat belts. I’m enjoying the ride.
  20. We are eager to meet our newest member of the family.

Unexpected Pregnancy Announcement Captions

  1. Always use protection, unless you want a baby.
  2. How did this happen?
  3. We are going to need a bigger boat.
  4. Is it weird that I have been sick, tired, and tender lately? What could that be?
  5. The time has come to buy some lego because we found out that I,m pregnant.
  6. looks like Netflix and chill went too far.
  7. What’s one more? We’ve done this before.
  8. Best ‘oops’ ever.
  9. God’s plan. I am pregnant!
  10. The butterflies in my belly turned into 2 tiny feet.
  11. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant.
  12. Went to the hospital with a fever, The doctor said it’s nothing serious, turns out am pregnant!
  13. Not what I had in mind when I asked for a new toy. But hey!
  14. A new player is set to enter the game.
  15. She’s having cravings, and I’m checking our savings. Looks like a baby’s on the way.
  16. Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain your life will never be the same.
  17. How did this happen?.
  18. We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents
  19. OMG! am pregnant!
  20. Sometimes God just surprises you.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions.

  1. Not fat, just pregnant.
  2. Pregnancy is the happiest reason for feeling like crap.
  3. I am now always hungry, tired, or both.
  4. Everybody leave me alone, I’ve had a busy day being pregnant and I will have to do it again tomorrow.
  5. Baby shark, due, due, due…
  6. Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.
  7. I grow humans, what’s your superpower.
  8. Love makes the belly go round.
  9. Yes, I am clearly pregnant, but if you remind me once more of how huge I have gotten, I am going to eat you.
  10. I always wondered what it would be like to be pregnant. Now I know!
  11. Our baby is already holding us by the heart. We can’t wait to meet them.
  12. There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. We are expecting.
  13. We’re pregnant! Don’t cry for us. We did it on purpose.
  14. People always say that pregnant women have a glow. And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death.
  15. Where’s the food? I’m eating for two now.
  16. When people congratulate me, I like to say for what and then watch them freak out.
  17. We just decided we are tired of sleeping in and doing whatever we want all the time.
  18. Trading sleep-filled nights for a baby to hold tight.
  19. We are pregnant! Don’t be sad for us. It was on purpose.
  20. One of us is eating for two, while the other is drinking for two.

First Pregnancy Announcement

  1. First came love, then you. Can’t wait to meet you.
  2. God has knit together a little one to join our family, and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.
  3. And a bay makes three.
  4. An adventure is about to begin.
  5. I don’t know what you will be, but I know you are my everything.
  6. And then there were 3. Finally!
  7. You+me=Three.
  8. Here’s to new life, new experiences, and new thrills. My baby is on the way, and I’m the mommy to be.
  9. From dog mama to baby mama.
  10. So lovely feels like I am flying. Our family is growing. The little one will be here soon.
  11. Now you can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby.
  12. I am being promoted to being a mother soon.
  13. We are so excited, we are soon going to be parents for the first time.
  14. We are soon going to be a family of three.
  15. God has chosen us to be parents, and we couldn’t be happier.
  16. God knew our hearts needed you.
  17. I will be a good mother to this one.
  18. After nine months, I will hold you in my arms.
  19. Secrets out !! we are expecting, finally baby is coming to meet the world.
  20. You never know life until it grows inside you.


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