Week Nine Of Pregnancy

Week Nine Of Pregnancy


Week 9 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your Baby is the Size of an Olive

By Week 9, your little one is starting to look more and more human-like, especially seeing as the embryonic tail is now fully gone. Only a few short weeks and you’ll be getting to see him waving back at you (or trying to hide) on screen at your first trimester scan.

By now baby is almost an inch long but does not even weigh a whole ounce yet. You can think of the size of your baby as something similar to a green olive or grape. All the critical body parts are already formed by this time although they will be developing constantly through the coming months. Baby’s heart is dividing into 4 chambers, the teeth are starting to take shape, and the eyes are formed although they are still fused shut.

Completing your baby’s look this week are the nose, earlobes and mouth becoming more defined and the placenta (where your baby obtains all it’s nutrients from) is almost fully functional. Baby is officially all set to grow now!

Week Nine Of Pregnancy

Week 9 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes!

It’s not uncommon to feel a whole lot of ups and downs emotionally during this week (and really, throughout the rest of your pregnancy!) thanks to all the hormonal surges taking place in your body. If you are feeling on top of the world one minute and completely depressed the next, try not to worry. This is quite normal and most women do go through this phase at this stage of pregnancy. It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself during this time and focus on activities that ease your stress or make you feel happy and relaxed.

On the physical front, you may be feeling nauseous almost all the time and this feeling may be really sparked off by certain foods or smells (sometimes, even ones that you previously used to love!). You may be vomiting quite frequently too and if you are working away from home, this can make things somewhat complicated.

Managing Work and ‘Morning Sickness’

While not an option for everyone, It may be a good idea for you to take some time off, if you are absolutely not able to manage work. Otherwise, if you are in  a position to tell your employer or co-workers at this stage of the pregnancy then they will usually be understanding of your frequent toilet trips or allow you to take more breaks. Who you tell and at what stage is a very personal choice and you’ll know when the time is right for you and what will work best with your work culture/position. Generally the ‘safe’ period to tell others is past 12 weeks, however it’s really up to the individual and there’s no right or wrong time. If you’re anxious about letting work know, just keep in mind, there are laws which protect you against discrimination in the workplace during pregnancy.

The good news is, the nausea and vomiting typically reduces in the second trimester and your energy levels return to somewhat normal. On the other hand, flatulence (passing wind) is a common problem for many women in this stage of pregnancy so avoid foods that make you ‘gassy’ if you’re worried about this.

I told my close friends and family members as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Then I told my employer not long after. It was a relief not having to hide anything and I figured they were all people who I would tell if something went wrong  Jessica

Week 9 Of Pregnancy

Week 9 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Have you booked in for your first trimeter scan? If not, speak to your healthcare provider and lock a suitable date in for this important ’12 week scan’.
  • Did your doctor speak to you about weight gain? This is quite normal during pregnancy as your baby grows and your body increases blood volume, breast tissue, fluid and fat stores. You’ll be weighed at each of your antenatal visits to keep a record of how things are progressing, as weight gain is normal, however excessive weight gain can be unhealthy and lead to a higher risk of complications during pregnancy or birth.
  • Include more fiber in your diet to aid your digestion and help with the flatulence problems. Fibrous foods include wholegrain bread, cereals, vegetables and fruit.
  • Ask your doctor about back relief postures and check if you can do some relaxation exercises to keep the strain off your back as your pregnancy progresses.

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