Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy: Do You Know These 8 Signs?

When you have unprotected sex or have a sense you may be pregnant, you would want to recognize the symptoms of early pregnancy. Early symptoms allow you to start taking prenatal vitamins and preparing for a new baby. It also ensures you take the proper steps to seek medical attention.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Every Woman Should Know About

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1. Light Bleeding

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is implant bleeding. The bleeding is light and may classify as spotting rather than a period. It differs from your period because it does not have a heavy flow. Implant bleeding is the earliest sign of pregnancy and it occurs when the embryo implants.

You will usually notice the bleeding within 6 to 12 days after you get pregnant. It may cause cramping in some women. Keep in mind bleeding is not always obvious and may be overlooked. Do not assume you must have bleeding to signify pregnancy. In some women, you will not have any bleeding or cramping at the beginning of your pregnancy.

2. A Missed Period

A Missed Period | Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy: Do You Know These 8 Signs? | how soon do pregnancy symptoms start

If your period is late, then you may have an early sign of pregnancy. A missed period is one of the very early signs of pregnancy you will notice. It usually occurs within four weeks of getting pregnant.

Most women notice a missed period as the first sign of a pregnancy. You will be able to test for pregnancy hormones a few days after you notice your period has not started on time.

3. Nausea

Nausea is another early sign of pregnancy. It usually starts within the first month after you get pregnant. A common sign of pregnancy in the first trimester is morning sickness, which stems from severe nausea after you wake up in the morning.

Morning sickness is one of the classic symptoms of early pregnancy. You may notice nausea at any time during the day. By eating regular meals and not skipping meals, you will reduce the amount of nausea you experience. A woman can also drink grapefruit juice or ginger ale to help reduce feelings of nausea.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue | Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy: Do You Know These 8 Signs? | how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms

One of the very early signs of pregnancy you may notice is fatigue. You may feel tired and exhausted without any clear reason for the fatigue. It may start as early as four weeks after you are pregnant.

Keep in mind fatigue alone is not always related to pregnancy. If you notice the fatigue, then evaluate other symptoms you may develop. Since fatigue may occur with some sicknesses or other conditions, it is only a sign of pregnancy. If you notice the symptom with other signs of pregnancy, then you want to visit a doctor for a pregnancy test.

5. Changes in the Breasts

Changes in the breasts occur when you get pregnant. In early pregnancy, it is preparing your body to feed your unborn child. You may notice tenderness in your breasts as early as five or six weeks after you get pregnant. You may also notice your breast size increases due to swelling in the early months. Expect the swelling and tenderness to continue throughout your pregnancy.

6. Headaches

Headaches | Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy: Do You Know These 8 Signs? | very early signs of pregnancy

Due to the hormonal changes in your body, you may experience some headaches. The headaches will usually fade with proper care. If you do notice headaches, then talk to your doctor about your options. A doctor will explain how to address aches and pains associated with a pregnancy.

7. Frequent Urination

If you notice you need to use the restroom more often, then it may relate to pregnancy. You should pay attention to your body’s responses. Frequent urination may contribute to dehydration, so drink more water to avoid any risks to your body.

8. Mood Swings

Mood Swings | Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy: Do You Know These 8 Signs? | early signs of pregnancy

Mood swings relate to the changes in your hormones. You may feel irrationally angry, sad, or upset as early as six weeks into your pregnancy. Expect a few changes to your mood. You can reduce the impact by focusing on healthy eating, regular exercise, and enjoy a hobby or interest to keep your mind focused on a task. If the mood swings impact your life, then talk to a doctor about your options to handle the changes in your mood.


Here’s a video by Sumon Info Point on early pregnancy signs and symptoms week by week:

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If you know how soon do pregnancy symptoms start, it can help you prepare for the physical changes in your body. By recognizing the signs of a pregnancy, you will be able to seek medical assistance. It also allows you to adjust your diet and routine to prepare for the needs of your unborn child and your physical health throughout the pregnancy.

In your own experience, how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms? Let us know in the comments section below.

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