My husband complained before baby..he would pull a piece of my hair out of his beard or pick one off his shirt and I would shrug it off, but even I have to admit this is a bit much postpartum. My hair is everywhere in our condo!  I know you are supposed to lose some hair after baby, but wow.
My hair game is also non existent now. I have blowdried my hair maybe a total of 6 times (that might even be high, who can remember?) since Brooklyn was born. The rest of the time it is air dried and thrown up into a ponytail.
I have to be honest…I miss my hair. I’ve never been great at styling it, but it looked much better then the dull mop I have now. I have already started planning my back to work hair refresh. Modern day perm a la Julianna Hough – I will let you know how that goes in the future.
Julianne Hough Got a Perm That Will Give Her Beach Waves For Days
Now that I’ve gone through the worst of it, I thought I would share what I have learned.
1. Don’t do anything dramtic to your hair after giving birth.
As mentioned above, your hair falls out – a lot. My hair stylist warned me, but I didn’t take her seriously – what a mess. I actually had two bald batches that have just started growing back in. 
With the re-growth also comes ackward stages where I have to spray down my little baby hairs.
 This is NOT the time to change up your hair style too much.  You really don’t know how much hair will fall out, where it will fall out, and how long it will take to grow back.
Try to be as gentle as possible with your hair at this stage – avoid towel drying, don’t sleep in a ponytail or pull it back too tight during the day…I am not going to say “no ponytails” – that’s not realistic for me. 
2. Hair Tourniquets are a danger to your baby.
All that loose hair can be dangerous for the baby.
Have you heard of a hair tourniquet?
It’s a lose hair that wraps around baby’s fingers or toes cutting off circulation. My friend’s mom told me about it after watching The Doctors and now I have an obsession with checking B’s digits.  I have found tons of hair in her hands and one hair wrapped around a toe – nightmare!
What to do if you find a hair tourniquet:
– try to find an end that is loose and unwind that hair
– if you can’t find a loose end, gently cut the hair with small scissors or a knife
– if you can’t remove the hair go to the emergency room
3. Your baby will pull your hair.
Hence many mama’s decision to get the “mom haircut”.  I have been caught hunched over with baby holding on to my hair like it’s life or death. Proud of her new found grip but ouch! I end up putting my hair up into a ponytail a lot to avoid this.  I’m still working on “gentle” with B.
I don’t understand a lot about mother nature’s decisions when it comes to humans and childbirth.  Hair falling out afterwards is one of them, especially since it can be dangerous.  Oh the joys.

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