Gifts for new dads at the hospital

11 Celebratory Gifts for New Dads at the Hospital

Becoming a new dad is filled with so much joy, wonder, and of course…sleepless nights! While mom is usually showered with gifts and well-wishes, it’s easy to overlook dear old dad as he ventures courageously into fatherhood.

But dads deserve some special celebratory love too as they embark on their parenting journey! Whether you’re looking for new dad gift ideas to pamper an expectant father-to-be or congratulate the newest member of the dad club, we’ve got you covered.

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We compiled a list of unique and thoughtful gifts any new or veteran dad is sure to appreciate. From pampering presents to keepsakes to gear, these gifts say “Welcome to fatherhood! We know you’ve got this.” And we know just how much support and encouragement mean during this life-changing time. Let’s shower the dads in our lives with some congratulations!

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Gifts for New Dads at the Hospital

Why give a gift at the hospital? The new dad would have just gone through one of the most amazing things in his life. They are on a high and let’s be honest, can use all the help they can get as they start this new journey in their family life.

The baby and mom will be getting lots of gifts but often dad goes unrecognized. While he certainly isn’t the star of the show, a little gift can go a long way to let him know you’re thinking about him.

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Things to consider:

  • Don’t bring anything too bulky – the new parents will have a lot to bring home from the hospital, don’t load them up and make them do too many trips
  • If you are going to bring food, talk with the new parents about what they want! It’s better to ask than assume.
  • Keep it simple. You don’t need anything extravagant to say congratulations.

11 Gifts for New Dads

YETI Rambler

Yeti’s will keep the new dad’s coffee hot for when he gets distracted with his new duties and comes back to it an hour later!

This mug will also keep hot water hot if you are mixing formula on the go.

Matching t-shirts

Us moms tend to love matching outfits while dads can be a little reluctant! At least in my family!

If you’re going to pick a matching outfit, get one he could wear as a regular tee-shirt too. My husband loves to bike so I picked out this one but there are tons on Etsy, pick one that works for the expectant father!

Dad Coffee Mug

02/19/2024 02:05 am GMT

The nights are long and the days fly by! Or something like that…. Coffee will likely be playing a big role in the new dad’s life over the coming weeks! Set him up with a Top Dad mug to commemorate this monumental occasion and give him something to aspire to!

Diaper Bag Just for Dad

02/19/2024 01:50 am GMT

Dad will be stoked not to have to carry around a giant purse when he is out and about with his new kid!

It’s designed with plenty of perfectly-sized pockets and compartments to keep everything in place – insulated bottle holders, a padded laptop sleeve, and a dad pocket for his essentials. No more digging around for a stray diaper or lost keys!

The wide opening and dual zippers make it easy to access wipes one-handed for those messy changes on the go. And the ergonomic shoulder straps and handles keep you comfy, even fully loaded.

Made from durable, waterproof materials, this diaper bag is built to last through years of toddler adventures! The reinforced stitching can withstand even the toughest treatment from busy little ones.

Echo Dot – Home Assistant

02/19/2024 02:10 am GMT

Alexa will come in VERY handy in the next few years.  ‘Alexa order more diapers‘ ‘Alexa play a lullaby‘, etc.

Parenting Books For Dads

A few new dad focused books make a great gift.

Hero – Be the Strong Father your Children Need

Be Prepared – A Practical Handbook for New Dads

Woop Strap

If the new dad is big on fitness, you could get him a Woop Strap to help him better monitor his sleep and workouts so he’s showing up in his best self for mom and baby! My husband would have loved this as an expectant father gifts!

The Splurge – iRobot Roomba

Ok, this one goes against my advice above about giving something small to make a car trip easier, BUT roombas are lifesavers when you’re a new parent.  

No one wants to vacuum when you could be cuddling your new baby. This robot vacuum will save the new dad time and help keep the house in order during those hectic first months into the messy toddler years.

New Dad Survival Gift bag

This new dad gift idea is the perfect option if you want to get him a lot of little things. You can load this up with snacks, drinks, and other goodies from this list.

Board Books  

02/19/2024 03:42 am GMT

Dad is probably going to spend a lot of time cuddling his new kid while Mom recovers from birth. Get him some fun dad-focused books they can read together!

Conclusion: New Dad Gift Ideas

Becoming a new dad is an incredible journey, one filled with sweet precious moments along with plenty of challenges. While we love spoiling new mommas, don’t forget about celebrating the fathers who are embarking on this life-changing adventure of parenthood!

They deserve some extra love and pampering too. Whether he’s an expecting first-time father or a veteran papa with a new addition, we hope this guide of expectant father gifts inspired you to treat the dads in your life to something special.

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