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1. Lamaze Breathing Techniques

Breathing is so simple – just inhale then exhale. So how could something as basic be so important during labor and delivery of your baby? The secret is in Lamaze breathing techniques. If you are a first-time mom, you might be a little worried about labor pain. You may know that the doctors and nurses can give you drugs to ease the pain, but you may not want those drugs. You might worry the drugs will have a bad effect on you or your baby, for example, or you might just want to be awake and alert for the birth of your baby… Click to read more

2. Baby Weight Chart | How Much Should My Baby Weigh?

As a new mother-to-be, it’s helpful to seek your doctor’s advice on what foods to eat to gain weight while pregnant or you can study a baby weight chart to gain a better understanding on how much your baby should weigh. Few things can make a new parent as anxious as the subject of healthy weights for newborns — unless it’s how much weight the baby is gaining or losing in the months following birth. In addition, your family pediatrician can offer a list of wholesome weight gain foods for newborns… Click to read more

3. Toddler Car Seats | Consider Safety And Style With These 7 Models

Toddler car seats are essential when your children are riding with you in your vehicle. One consideration in choosing toddler car seats is car seat safety ratings or regulations. There are also different styles of these car seats from front-facing to convertible car seats. Here are some of the best toddler car seats you should consider on your next purchase… Click to read more

4. How To Breastfeed | Step-By-Step Guide For New Mothers

Breastfeeding is a completely natural process but that doesn’t mean it is an easy one. Learning to breastfeed takes time because your new baby is trying to figure things out, too. Even if it does take a little work to get mommy and baby on the same page, learning out how to breastfeed a baby for the first time is a rewarding experience and a responsibility that you will be glad you accepted. How to breastfeed? Don’t worry, once you get the steps down things will go smoothly, so you both can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding… Click to read more

5. Ride On Toys For Toddlers | The Coolest Trikes And Bikes

There are a lot of ride on toys for toddlers in the market today. Whether they’re starting to walk or ride a trike, these ride on toys for kids are sure hit for them. So, what are the best riding toys for toddlers out there? Let us give you a guide with the list below… Click to read more


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