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15 Indoor Activities For Kids This Winter

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 01:41 am

Are you running out of indoor activities for kids this winter? Try these fun-filled winter activities for kids.

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15 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

Family Activities at Home

1. Build a Fort

Building a fort in your living room is every kid’s dream. Pitch the idea to your kids, and they’ll start grabbing blankets and pillows right away. The more blankets you have, the warmer the fort will be. Don’t forget to make a secret password handshake!

2. Make a Family Scrapbook

Get creative with your kids and make a family scrapbook. You can put in all the mementos of your trips, family photos, and postcards.

This family-bonding activity can give you an afternoon to get to know your child better. Making a family scrapbook also gives you a chance to tell your kids more about your family tree.

3. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Create a big adventure indoors with a scavenger hunt. It won’t take you too long to hide toys around the house and draw a map to them.

You can even let your kids set up the scavenger hunt for you. This family-bonding activity may even lead you to lost things around the house.

4. Make Your Own Short Film

If you’re feeling up for it, ask your kids to make a movie about anything they want. It can be a stop-motion movie with their favorite toys, or it can be you and your family playing dress-up. You can make your home movie with your cellphone and watch your kids’ creativity go wild.

5. Hold a Movie Marathon

family watching a movie | Indoor Activities for Kids This WinterIf you’re not up for making a movie and want to spend the day in your PJs, hold a movie marathon in your living room. Snuggle up in a big blanket with some popcorn and hot cocoa and play your favorite family movies or make a marathon a list of Christmas movies for the season.

Indoor Activities for Free

6. Go to Museums During Free Visiting Hours

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Give your kids an educational day out by visiting your local museum. A lot of museums have days where admission is completely free. There’s also a list of children’s museums that hold interactive activities just for kids!

7. Storytime at Libraries and Bookstores

Most public libraries and some bookstores hold storytimes for kids, and it’s completely free. Your child will be surrounded by bookshelves and other children listening to a story complete with sounds and music. It’s really a good experience for the kids.

8. Sign Up for Free Classes

A lot of places offer free classes for your kids. These can be building classes or craft classes that’ll keep them engaged for a while and learn something new. Once they’re done with their big project, watch how big their smiles are when they show you what they’ve created with their own two hands.

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9. Free VR Bar

VR is a virtual reality experience for all ages. The games can range from hand-eye coordination to painting activities.

The best part is, you can enjoy it at no cost during Free VR Day on the first Wednesday of every month. One of their free games lets your child be a space pirate for a day.

10. Dine Out Where Kids Eat Free

family enjoying their dinner | Indoor Activities for Kids This Winter

There’s a list of restaurants where your kids can eat for free and their kid’s meals are always tasty enough to get your kids excited. This makes eating out affordable, and you won’t have to worry about doing the dishes.

Whole Day Activities for Kids

11. Bowling Alley

If you want a fun-filled family night out to bring your kids closer, challenge each other at your nearest bowling alley. Pair up your kids and watch them support each other to win the game. Remember to give your kids bumpers, so they’re not spending their first time bowling getting gutter balls all night.

12. Laser Tag

Looking for a more action-filled night with your kids? Take them to your closest laser tag arena and watch them run around until they’re all tired out. This is a fun activity for kids that can help improve their hand-eye coordination and bring them together as they work in teams.

13. Indoor Rock Climbing

You should take your kids to indoor rock climbing facilities. Rock climbing is very helpful in how a child’s brain processes his/her movements.

Most of these facilities also cater to children by including fun climbing activities to motivate them to go higher. They have instructors on hand at all times to ensure the safety of your kids. More importantly, they always try to create a fun and supportive environment to help your child feel at ease.

14. Indoor Ice Rink

Do you want a winter indoor activity to excite your kids about the holiday season? Spend the afternoon at an indoor ice rink. They’ll be moving around so much that they won’t feel cold.

This physical activity is a great family exercise because it’s easy on the joints. Ice skating is also a great workout to improve your kids’ coordination, balance, and build their leg muscles.

15. Ball Pit

If you want to unwind while your kids burn off their seemingly boundless energy, sit on a bench while they play in a ball pit. You can buy your own ball pit and set it up inside your home, but then, you have to worry about the cleanup.

These days most indoor playgrounds have their own ball pit. Your kid will also have more fun playing in a ball pit with other kids instead of on their own.

Watch this video from Family Days to know more great indoor activities for kids to help keep them occupied:

Indoor activities for kids are all about getting them excited while enriching their learning and fitness. It’s even better when these activities involve the whole family. Spend these winter holidays with your family and try these fun and kid-friendly activities together.

What other indoor activities for kids do you like to do during winter time? Mention them in the comments section below!

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