Keep Busy All Day

Activities for every room in the house and play ideas for everyday activities like grocery shopping.

Brain Boosting Activities

Sensory activities for infants and toddlers that stimulate the five senses.

Simple & Easy

These ideas are easy and quick to set up – because let’s face it – moms are busy!

10 Festive Toddler Thanksgiving Crafts

These festive toddler thanksgiving crafts will get your 2 or 3 year old into the holiday spirit.  If you are looking for even more fall ideas for your toddler check out our post on all things fall including toddler food, books, clothes and more.  Check it out here...

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9 Outdoor Learning Activities for Kids

Are you in a walk rut? Are your kids resisting walks because they are bored? Looking for Outdoor Learning Activities for Kids to keep them occupied? The below tips and tricks to making walks fun will help get your kids back outside and enjoying family time and getting...

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Boredom Buster: Window Display And Art

Inside The Post: Easy Window Display For Toddlers Window Art Inspiration Stuck Indoors? Me too. Being stuck indoors lately with only a few neighborhood walks can get old really fast.  Especially when you walk by the same houses everyday. So it’s been great to see some...

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5 Easy No Prep Toddler Activities To Do At Home

Inside: Activities for toddlers and preschoolers at home No prep ideas   Are you stuck indoors with your toddler or preschooler due to weather or sickness?  Are you feeling pressure to do high prep, fancy Pinterest crafts and activities? It can get hard to entertain...

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15 Mommy & Daughter Date Ideas With Your Toddler

Have you recently returned to work and feel like you don’t have quality time with your toddler daughter?  Have you added a new baby and aren’t spending as much time with your older child? Are you struggling to come up with fun things to do in the evenings when you’re...

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7 Simple Tricks to Getting Perfect Handprint Art

Seeing all the beautiful handprint art on Pinterest and can’t figure out how other moms get their babies or toddlers to cooperate?  Frustrated when you want to create something for the family and your child just won’t participate? You’re not alone.  Often the...

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Easy Christmas Sensory Bags For Babies – DIY

Tummy time is usually not a favorite baby activity, so to keep things interesting you can make DIY dollar store sensory bags.   Since Christmas is around the corner I made up these Christmas Sensory Bags For Babies to keep my little one on his tummy longer.  Sensory...

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25 Household Items To Save For Pretend Play

Before you throw out or recycle these common household items, consider keeping them for your toddler or preschooler to use for pretend play.  Using common items instead of toys can help spark their imagination even further when engaging in imaginative play.  This post...

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Places to Go With A Toddler – The Zoo

Looking for a great activity for your two year toddler?  The Zoo is a great place that can be visited often, as it's probably too big to do all in one day.  A mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits mean that you can visit year round. The zoo offers many activities that...

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Heart Suncatcher Valentines Day Toddler Craft

Below is a step by step guide for an easy Valentine's craft with preschoolers or toddlers.  This Post May Contain Affiliate Links.  For my full disclosure policy click here. I love my contact paper.  I put up a piece on the window and let my daughter stick things to...

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