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How To Choose The Best Winter Outfits For Your Baby

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 02:04 am

Choosing your baby’s winter outfits can be tricky, especially if you want to balance comfort and style at the same time. Check out these winter outfit ideas!

How to Choose Your Baby’s Winter Outfit


Step 1: Think of Layering

Mother and Daughter Winter Coat | How to Choose the Best Winter Outfits for Your Baby | Winter outfit ideas

Babies have a tougher time regulating their body temperature. This means they’re more affected by extreme temperature changes. To help your little one stay warm, a good rule of thumb is to consider what you will wear for the day and then add one extra layer.

Layering your baby’s clothes is a convenient way to keep them warm throughout the day. If you notice your child getting sweaty, simply remove one of the layers and that will cool them down.

Step 2: Keep Baby Warm When Going for a Walk

Don’t give up your daily walks with your baby just because it’s winter! As long as your baby is in good health and isn’t underweight, don’t skip your daily dose of fresh air. It’s good for you and your baby.

Keep the layering rule in mind when dressing your baby for a walk. If you’re comfortable in long sleeves and a coat, add a vest or a sweater to your baby’s outfit. Since most of our body heat escapes through our head, make sure to put a hat on your baby. If your baby’s cute winter outfit doesn’t cover her hands and feet, slide on a pair of mittens and boots.

It’s also a good idea to pack an extra blanket in your stroller in case of a sudden temperature drop. It should help keep your baby warm until you can get indoors again.

Step 3: Go Waterproof When Playing in the Snow

Playing in the Snow | How to Choose the Best Winter Outfits for Your Baby | Winter outfit ideas

Babies love snow! Especially if they’ve reached the half-year mark. Playing in the snow is a great sensory experience for babies. Just be sure to choose the appropriate winter outfit for extended play. You need to make sure your baby stays dry while playing in the snow. You can dress your baby in waterproof mittens, pants, jackets, and snowsuits. A hat is still a must since you’re outdoors, and don’t forget those cute snow boots!

Step 4: Go for Baby Winter Wear for Car Safety

It’s very important to snuggly fasten the seat belt when securing your baby in a car seat. Any gaps between your child and the seatbelt will limit the car seat’s capacity to keep your child safe in the event of an accident. It’s usually recommended to remove bulky jackets, coats, or blankets before placing the child in the car seat. A blanket or jacket could then be placed on the child’s lap once he/she’s buckled in.

To make sure your baby is safe in their car seat, the Quimby Coat is the perfect solution for this! The Quimby Coat works with your car seat. It’s safe to keep on while fastened in the seat. It even has an indicator to help you position the chest clip. The Quimby Coat meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 and is crash sled tested. Now, your child can stay safe and warm in the car seat.

Step 5: Don’t Layer Too Much During Bedtime

You may be tempted to bundle up your baby while he/she sleeps during the winter, but it’s best to be guided by the AAP’s recommendations regarding the safe infant sleeping environment. They do not recommend soft and loose objects and bedding, like blankets, in the infant’s sleeping area. Avoid adding too many layers for bedtime because overheating has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If you feel like your baby needs an extra layer, you can use a sleep sack to keep her warm.


Watch this video to learn more about The Quimby Coat from Locker Innovations:

YouTube video

Don’t let the cold weather keep you inside. For as long as your child is healthy and it isn’t below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s safe to enjoy a day out. And with this guideline, choosing your baby’s winter outfits will be a breeze!

Mommies, do you have other winter fashion tips for the babies? Let us know in the comments section!

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