Week Twenty Four Of Pregnancy

Week 24 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the length of an ear of corn

Baby is gaining weight rather quickly now at the rate of about six ounces every week and her foot long body (about the length of an ear of corn) is beginning to look very much like she will when she is born.

week 24 pregnancy
3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a fetus in week 24 pregnancy

She is putting on fat and also beginning to show facial features more clearly, with definition. Hair is covering the scalp but lack of pigmentation is still keeping the color a mystery. Baby can hear quite clearly now and she may recognize your voice and that of your partner’s after birth from all the listening she is doing now.

Because your baby is getting quite big by now, you can feel her movements and even see her movements under your skin if you watch at the right time when she is feeling really active. It brings home the reality of pregnancy to you in the best possible way!

Week 24 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

One of the most visible signs of your advancing pregnancy at this stage is your belly button popping out. This may happen at a later stage for you, or in some women not at all. This is because your uterus is practically pushing everything in its way outward.

If you are finding that your wrists and fingers are sort of numb, that’s just your Carpal Tunnel syndrome acting up, courtesy of pregnancy.

Swollen ankles are another common complaint and they are caused by the fluid accumulation in your body.

Metallic taste in your mouth, bigger breasts, vision changes and more saliva in your mouth are all symptoms that you may be facing now.

If you are finding it difficult to stay on your feet for long because of your achy back, it is just the added strain of carrying your pregnant belly around.

Important: Coming up soon (between now and the next month) you will be tested for Gestational Diabetes. This is just one of those routine tests throughout pregnancy as Gestational Diabetes, if left uncontrolled, can affect the outcome of your birth and also your baby post birth. Don’t worry, the test is non invasive but it does involve fasting (a hungry pregnant woman’s worst nightmare!) and downing a sickly sweet drink (maybe not so bad when you’re starving). If the test is positive you may be asked to do another test to confirm and then you’ll be given treatment advice from there.

” I was crushed when I tested positive to Gestational Diabetes. But I was determined to keep it in check so I could try for a VBAC. I followed the dieticians instructions on how to eat correctly and recorded all my blood sugar readings. I only had one ‘borderline’ reading the entire time and my baby girl was born healthy, an average size (7 pounds) and I was able to deliver her naturally. “ 


Week 24 Of Your Next Steps!

  • To get rid of the swollen or achy hands and wrists and feet, try moving them frequently so that the circulation is never slowing down and the fluid accumulation can be controlled. Avoid sleeping with your hands or feet propped up higher than your body because this worsens the problem. These issues will go away after delivery.
  • Take frequent breaks to get rid of your backache and stay active to keep yourself fit. Stick to your Kegel exercises, your yoga and other physician approved exercises that you have been doing up until now.
  • One very important thing at this stage is to wear supportive, comfortable footwear even if it means you leave those stylish high heels in the bottom rack of your wardrobe. Your feet are taking the brunt of your increasing body weight so make life easier for them by switching to comfy flats.

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