Week Nineteen Of Pregnancy


Week 19 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a grapefruit

Baby is about 6 inches long now from crown to rump (similar to the size of a grapefruit), weighs about 8.5 ounces and his arms and legs are quite proportionate to the rest of his body.

Cartilage is hardening and baby has better coordination and control. Senses are developing in the brain this week with areas being mapped out for those all important tastes, smells, sights, sounds and touches he’ll experience in the real world.

As far as appearance goes, your baby’s skin is taking on the look that he will have when he is born, meaning that it is no longer translucent. Colorless hair is growing on his head. A white waxy substance called vernix is beginning to cover his skin which keeps it protected in the amniotic fluid environment in your uterus. Some babies are born with a lot of vernix covering them, others less. Either way, this ‘birthday frosting’ as it’s affectionately termed by many, is completely normal.

Week Nineteen Of Pregnancy

Week 19 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Achy muscles, anxiety, restlessness and unexpected bouts of tiredness are all common at this stage. While it may be too early yet to feel baby’s elbow or foot, you could be feeling baby’s kicks and twists quite well now if your placenta is posterior. By now you may have clearly distinguished between baby’s movements and your normal tummy rumblings.

Heartburn can be a common problem right now and so is a little breathlessness or dizziness from low blood pressure.

Your breasts are bigger now and you are actually feeling the strain of standing upright for long periods as your growing belly exerts pressure in the opposite direction. This can give you back aches and lower tail bone pain as well. Avoid standing for long periods of time if you can help it and take little rests when you can.

Strange skin changes

Don’t be alarmed if you notice skin darkening in strange places. In addition to the linea nigra that forms down the centre of many womens belly’s, It’s also normal for women’s areola’s, nipples, labia and existing moles or freckles to darken. They will return to their normal color post pregnancy.

Spotting and minor contractions are quite normal at this stage but it is still important for you to make a note of these and tell your healthcare provider.

Week Nineteen Of Pregnancy

Week 19 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Keep note of any new symptoms you are experiencing, like blurry vision, dizziness or breathlessness. Mention them to your healthcare provider at your next scheduled appointment. These are usually normal but it’s good to keep track in case the symptoms worsen.
  • If any any time you experience any symptoms which are unmanageable, make an appointment and visit your doctor immediately to get some help and advice with what’s happening.
  • If you tend to spend long hours on your feet, wether standing or walking around, this is the time to see how you can take a break every now and then to get off your feet and ease the strain on your body.


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